Ad/Affiliate Info & Customer ServiceAd/Affiliate Info & Customer Service

Sites in The Fodder Network have relationships with a number of advertising networks and affiliate services. We generate revenue by placing banner ads and text links on the site. We also operate the Filmfodder Store. The Store is a separate wing of Filmfodder that has no connection to our content.

We do our best to make advertising and affiliate links clear (they often appear at the top, the side, or the bottom of Filmfodder's pages). We never insert advertising or affiliate links directly within editorial, nor do we publish stories, reviews or features for advertisers or sponsors.

Honestly, we're just trying to earn enough to keep this thing going.

If you have questions about our advertising and affiliate practices, please email us.

Customer Service:

The Fodder Network acts as an intermediary between customers and distributors. The individual distributors are responsible for all billing and shipping duties, so if you have a question in regards to payment or delivery be sure to contact the distributor. The Fodder Network does not have access to any records, nor do we have access to any of your personal information (including credit card numbers and home addresses).

Also, if you reach a Filmfodder store page that gives you the option of adding a product to a shopping cart, please be aware that will be handling all aspects of payment and delivery. If you encounter problems with billing or shipping, please contact Amazon Customer Service.

Distributor Contacts:

If you purchase a product featured in the Filmfodder Store be sure to note the company you are purchasing it from. This should be relatively easy since all products link out to third-party sites and you should receive order confirmation emails from the distributing companies. Below you'll find contact information for each of The Fodder Network's affiliate partners:

If you encounter problems accessing Filmfodder Store pages or have general questions about the Filmfodder Store, please email us.