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Filmfodder Edit Guidelines

If you've read Filmfodder's reviews and news you know we love to be smartasses. We love slang. We love a funny turn of a phrase.

But our love of comedy and irreverence doesn't mean our editorial standards are low. Just the opposite—dabbling in comedy (or attempts at comedy) means our stuff has to shine. You might not see it upon first glance, but we pay a lot of attention to style, transitions, spelling and grammar. As such, we're happy to accept your stream-of-consciousness review, but don't be surprised when we send it back with a list of suggested edits.

We understand that writing is a personal endeavor. We also understand that criticism—even constructive criticism—can be hard to swallow. Anyone submitting content to Filmfodder should go into it knowing we're not editing your content so we can knock you down a peg. We want to publish the best stuff around and if that means rewrites, so be it. If you want an example of what we're shooting for, visit The Onion or Flak Magazine. The people behind these sites know how to have a good time but they also know how to produce top-notch content.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we're looking for. If you want more information, drop us a line.