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Review: A.I.
  • A.I. (Grade: C) — Steven Spielberg's sci-fi homage to late friend Stanley Kubrick is visually stunning, but Spielberg doing a Kubrick impersonation isn't as good as Spielberg being himself. On the up side, the director confirms what many have long believed: Haley Joel Osment is a robot. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 06/24/01

  • Flashing Red Letters in A.I. Ad Revealed (Sorta)
      Last week, an extended trailer for Steven Spielberg's "A.I." started airing during prime time. If you're one of the 4.5 billion people who have already seen the bugger (that number is a completely unofficial estimate), you're probably wondering why the trailer's closing credit screens feature flashing red letters and names.

    As reported earlier this month, the marketing pros at DreamWorks and Warner Bros. have cooked up an impressive "A.I." campaign that uses clues to send online travelers to a plethora of sites, email addresses and telephone numbers. The flashing letters in the TV trailer are the latest addition to this campaign.

    If you want to know how it all comes together, visit Coming Attractions for a nice collection of screen grabs from the trailer as well as some decent theories about the meaning behind the latest clues. The trailer is available in its full-motion glory from the DreamWorks SKG Fansite.
    Posted: 05/20/01

    A.I. Official Site Sorta Open
      The official site for "A.I." recently opened, but much of it is marked with "coming soon" tags. Right now the only rumblings of activity are on the message boards, where Steven Spielberg has welcomed his adoring masses with an introductory post. The rest of the site hints at future content, including a history of robots timeline, art from the film, news on the project, and token information on the progress of "real" artificial intelligence.

    Since the official site is suffering from a content glut, you can satiate your need for "A.I." material by checking out this first on-set picture of stars Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law. The hairstyle Law is sporting shows that brown Crayola markers and bare scalps should never mix.
    Posted: 02/25/01

    A.I. Teaser Trailer Now Streaming
      It could be the smallest trailer ever posted for download, but it's still worth a look. Blending the same text seen on the "A.I" poster with a hazy silhouette and a cunning transition through a fingerprint, the "A.I." trailer serves its purpose — it teases and intrigues. Break out your magnifiying glass and download the bugger at (Trailer format: Real Video).
    Posted: 12/10/00

    A.I. Promo Materials Offer Artificial Tease
    It says A.I.  
    © 2000 Warner Bros.  
    Steven Spielberg's "A.I." won't premiere until next summer, but early promotional materials are already appearing online. The most notable promo item is a clever, simple poster that incorporates "A.I." star Haley Joel Osment's silhouette into the film's title (click here for a look). Murmurs about an "A.I." teaser trailer have also bubbled to the surface, with an anonymous source at Coming Attractions noting that the trailer will be attached to December 22's "Cast Away."

    The teaser trailer is certainly cause for excitement, but if you're looking for the real "A.I." — the meat of the movie — you have to visit the "A.I." Crafts Services Webcam. I shit you not. From November 14-17, offered a live feed from the "A.I." Bagel Cam. The live images are gone, but the archive has more than enough pictures to keep you busy for 10, perhaps even 12, seconds. Watch as Spielberg feeds coffee to the camera! Discover Spielberg's favorite "Cosby Show" character! And finally, witness the greatest director of his generation as he dangles a half-eaten yellow thing before the lens! God bless the Internet.
    Posted: 11/27/00

    Rumor: Robin Williams to Narrate "A.I."
      A scoop from Ain't it Cool News says that Robin Williams has been signed to be the uncredited narrator of Steven Spielberg's "A.I." This suggests that the film might have a fairy tale feel to it, which is a departure from Brian Aldiss' short story. In other "A.I." news, Coming Attractions reports that five puppeteers will be employed to bring the character of "Teddy" to life. For those unfamiliar with the short story, Teddy is a robot teddy bear—a glorified Teddy Ruxpin—that waddles around the house spouting phrases like "Yes, Mummy" and "You're a very good boy. Your Mummy loves you." I hope Spielberg and his team of puppeteers can make Teddy a little more interesting (if he can breath fire and shoot lasers from his Teddy hands I'll be duly impressed).
    Posted: 8/18/00

    Spielberg Begins Work on "A.I."
    I'm not dead, I'm a robot  
    © 1999 Hollywood Pictures  
    Most flashy directors would shy from a sci-fi story that focuses on the emotions of a synthetic robot boy, but given Steven Spielberg's successful history mixing science fiction and childhood, it's no wonder he's chosen "A.I." as his next project. "A.I." (short for "artificial intelligence," but you already knew that) was once Stanley Kubrick's baby. For years it was rumored that Kubrick would bring "A.I." to the screen, but for some strange reason he put the film aside so he could focus on his asexual epic "Eyes Wide Shut." Kubrick died before he could redeem himself, and it appeared that "A.I." died with him. But just as "A.I." choked on its last artificial breath, Spielberg swooped in to resurrect the project. Not only that, he put it into rapid-fire turnaround and now the movie is set to arrive in theaters next summer. Little information on "A.I's" plot has emerged, but what I do know is that it's set in the mid-21st century on an Earth that is plagued by the Greenhouse Effect. This description makes me imagine a set design mixing the high-rise cities of "The Fifth Element" with the submerged land masses of "Waterworld." If "A.I." stays true to the Brian Aldiss short-story it was inspired by, the film will focus on the aforementioned robot boy, played by Haley Joel Osment. Jude Law and Frances O'Connor ("Mansfield Park") will also star. As news surfaces, I'll be posting it on the home page and the special "A.I." spotlight page I've created in the archive. In the meantime, if you're hungering for more information, visit the "A.I." pages at Upcoming Movies and Coming Attractions.
    Posted: 8/02/00