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New Catwoman Footage: Why Halle, Why?
  Looking for a laugh? Check out this gallery of "Catwoman" clips that recently appeared at Halle Berry fan site Based on these shots, "Catwoman" appears to be a horrific amalgam of superhero cliches, S&M fantasies and "Cat Fancy" cover stories.

Need a bigger laugh? Watch the "Catwoman" video.
Posted: 03/27/04

Katie Holmes Circles Batman Role
  Katie Holmes wants to dance with the devil by the pale moon light. Well, sorta. The actress formerly known as Joey is close to being cast in the new "Batman" movie, says The Hollywood Reporter. If a screen test with star Christian Bale goes well ("well" being an undefined term), Holmes would join the project as Batman's love interest.
Posted: 12/10/03

Nicole Kidman Courted for Catwoman
  Nicole Kidman is considering a return to the "Batman" franchise, but this time she'll be slicing her way across the screen. The Hollywood Reporter says Kidman -- a co-star in 1995's "Batman Forever" -- has been offered the title role in "Catwoman." Her involvement boots Ashley Judd from the headlining spot -- for now at least. The Reporter says Kidman is waiting to see the latest "Catwoman" script before committing.

Kidman has been on a two-year roll, racking up box office, critical accolades and awards for her work in "Moulin Rouge!," "The Others" and "The Hours."

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Posted: 02/05/03

Christopher Nolan Takes on Batman
  The Bat Signal is flashing, and Christopher Nolan is the latest director to respond. Variety says the "Insomnia" and "Memento" helmer has been hired by Warner Bros. to bring the Dark Knight back to the screen. Details of how or when this will happen haven't been released, but Nolan's version is the latest entry in an ongoing "Bat" saga. Two other "Batman" projects are in development -- Darren Aronofsky's "Batman: Year One" and a "Catwoman" spin-off starring Ashley Judd. Last year it looked like "Batman vs. Superman" was chugging toward reality, but director Wolfgang Petersen shelved the project in favor of the epic war flick "Troy."

Nolan's involvement could make his project the frontrunner since the young director's work has been accepted by a fairly wide audience ("Insomnia" made around $67 million in the U.S.). Aronofksy earned critical respect for "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream," but the dark edge of those films kept most regular moviegoers on the sidelines. That darkness could translate into an excellent "Batman" film, but it remains to be seen if Aronofsky can successfully jump into blockbusters.

Ashley Judd's star power makes "Catwoman" a contender, but the film is in the hands of first-time director Pitof ("Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc"). Pitof's experience as a visual effects supervisor assures that "Catwoman" will look good, but will the story live up to the aesthetics?

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Posted: 01/28/03

Catwoman Pawing Director
  The long-in-development "Catwoman" project is close to landing a director. The Hollywood Reporter says Pitof--just Pitof--is negotiating to make "Catwoman" his first directorial English-language project. Pitof is best known for his visual effects work on "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" and "Alien: Resurrection." Ashley Judd is expected to star as Catwoman whenever production begins.
Posted: 04/08/02

Box-Office Catnip: Ashley Judd Joins Catwoman
ashley judd  
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Ashley Judd will contribute to the Greater Gotham Beautification Project by starring in an upcoming "Catwoman" film, reports Variety.

Coupled with two in-development "Batman" projects — "Batman: Year One" and "Batman Beyond" — "Catwoman" is part of an effort by Warner Brothers to rejuvenate its lumbering "Batman" franchise. While "Batman: Year One" and "Batman Beyond" will explore alternate storylines and psychological angles, "Catwoman" is a brazen attempt to entice moviegoers with a leather-clad Judd. Since that Judd is neither Wynona nor the Judd matriarch, "Catwoman" is poised for success.

While it isn't mentioned in the Variety article, "Catwoman" will probably be a post-strike production. If Judd is smart she'll use the downtime to hone her feline skills, especially since her performance will be set against the slinky perfection Michelle Pfeiffer summoned as Catwoman in 1992's "Batman Returns."
Posted: 04/02/01

Next Batman Not Married to Jennifer Aniston
  The Batman franchise just got a shot in the arm (or wing, if you prefer Bat cliches). Darren Aronofsky, the recently-hired director of "Batman: Year One" has put the kibosh on rumors saying that Brad Pitt will be the next Dark Knight. Those evil, nasty rumors started when Aronofsky and Pitt were seen tooling around L.A. together (in the Batmobile?), but the director tells TV Guide that he and Mr. Jennifer Aniston never discussed anything bat-related; their conversation focused solely on the sci-fi movie Aronofsky is writing. With Pitt out of the picture, the lead role is completely up for grabs, but one thing to consider is that the Batman in "Batman: Year One" is much younger than the crimefighter we've watched in the first four movies. It's possible that an unknown will be the next person to strap on the latex. Further information on Pitt's non-involvement is available at
Posted: 09/29/00

Bat Makeover: Two "Batman" Projects in the Works
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Two "Batman" projects are gathering steam at Warner Bros., and both have the potential to resurrect the ailing franchise. First up is Darren Aronofsky's "Batman: Year One". As reported earlier this month Aronofsky ("Pi") was hoping to nab the batty directing duties, but his chances looked dim because of competition from more established directors like Bryan Singer ("X-Men"). What landed Aronofsky the job is the dark tone of the next film—being an indie director, dark is something Aronofsky knows well. Based on the 1987 graphic novel series by Frank Miller, "Batman: Year One" follows a young Bruce Wayne in his first days as the Dark Knight. Oddly, this comic series has a noir feel, which is the same tone George Clooney said the movie franchise should move towards. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Speaking of Batman stars, the lead for "Batman: Year One" hasn't been cast, but the rumors about Brad Pitt taking the role appear to be false. Casting Pitt as a flying rodent is a fine idea, just not in a "Batman" movie.

For more background on "Batman: Year One" visit IGN Sci-fi and to read more about Aronofsky's hiring, check out an article at Variety.

As I said, there are two Batman projects in development, the second being a live-action take on the popular "Batman Beyond" animated series. Set in Gotham 40 years in the future, the story focuses on a high school kid named Terry McGinnis who becomes the new Batman after uncovering the true identity of the now-retired Bruce Wayne. The cartoon is visually impressive (check out the official site), so the live-action version will have a lot to live up to. Nonetheless, the storyline is a refreshing change and might play well with a wider demographic than the gothic "Batman: Year One".
Posted: 09/22/00

Disconcerting News from the "Batman" Front
  I thought the addition of nipples and codpieces was as bad as it could get, but a report from Entertainment Weekly is proof that the "Batman" franchise will be further bastardized. Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, an EW writer, says that Brad Pitt is a heavy favorite to star in the next installment, thereby turning the Dark Knight into the Dark Dumb Knight. Writer/director Darren Aronofsky—best known for the independent movie "Pi"—is rallying Warner Bros. to direct, but he's competing against "X-Men" auteur Bryan Singer.

In related Bat news, Studio Briefing says that George Clooney told Movieline magazine about a treatment he wrote for the next Batman movie. Clooney's dubious Bat past and his affection for practical jokes put this report in doubt, but the Studio Briefing item says that Clooney's Batman would be film noir. The dark story would follow Batman as he deals with the deaths of both Alfred and Robin. No word on how Batgirl bites it, but something involving fake nipples and form-fitting rubber would be particularly appropriate.
Posted: 09/07/00