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Super Vampires to Display Pearly Incisors in "Blade 2"
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"Blade" opened August 21, 1998. Talk of a sequel started a few minutes past midnight on August 22, 1998. Since then, solid information on "Blade 2" has been hard to come by, but today we've got something juicy. In an interview with TV Guide "Blade" star Wesley Snipes revealed that the sequel will pit Blade against genetically altered super vampires known as "Reapers." Much to the chagrin of "normal" vampires, this new species of uber vamp feeds off of bloodsuckers. When the Reapers launch their reign of terror, the vampires reluctantly turn to their mortal enemy, Blade, to help defeat the new breed. In a perfect world the final scene will take place in a suburban VFW hall where Blade and his new friends celebrate their victory by tossing a few darts and munching on fat, bloody humans. Further information obtained from the "Blade 2" page at Upcomingmovies says the film may be titled "Blade: Bloodhunt" and it will be released in Fall 2001 or early 2002.
Posted: 8/22/00