Spotlight Movie // Charlie's Angels 2

G.I. Jane Reenlists for Charlie
  Demi Moore will emerge from her self-imposed film exhile to take a small role in "Charlie's Angels: Halo" (aka "Charlie's Angels 2"). Variety says Moore will play a former Angel who now performs dirty deeds for the bad guys.

"Charlie's Angels: Halo" opens June 27, 2003.
Posted: 08/11/02

Bernie Mac Joins Charlie's Angels 2
  Losing Bill Murray is a major loss for any production, but replacing him with Bernie Mac ("Ocean's Eleven") makes that bitter pill a lot sweeter. Such is the case for "Charlie's Angels 2," says Variety. Reports of Murray's displeasure during filming of the original "Angels" made it clear that Murray wouldn't return for the follow-up. In his absence, Mac will play a similar role, acting as the link between the Angels and their speakerphone-addicted employer. It's rumored that Mac's character will be a relative of Murray's departed Bosley.

"Charlie's Angels 2" is slated for release in June 2003.
Posted: 06/03/02

Inevitable Sequel: Charlie's Angels 2
© 2000 Columbia Pictures  
It's a simple rule: When a film approaches earnings of $100 million, a sequel will soon go into production. Such is the case for "Charlie's Angels." The good-natured box-office behemoth has racked up $75 million in two weeks of release and now Variety reports that sequel negotiations have begun between Columbia Picture and Flower Films (Drew Barrymore's production company). The article says Columbia is pursuing all of the principals from the first film — this includes the same director(McG), the four stars (Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Bill Murray), and one of the co-writers (John August).

John August is of particular note because the 29-year-old screenwriter is quickly rocketing onto the A-list. In 1999 he snapped Hollywood big-wigs to attention with his screenplay for "Go," a hip ensemble that was seen by 15 people but had the shiny mark of quality nonetheless. Now that "Angels" is poised to out-gross the GNP of most Western nations, August's box office mettle is beginning to show and its none too soon judging by his upcoming projects. The Variety article says the young writer is penning two scripts for Steven Spielberg — "Minority Report" (starring Tom Cruise) and "Big Fish." For more on August, consult his IMDb filmography.
Posted: 11/17/00