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Knock, Knock Conan
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The film that has haunted Conan O'Brien for most of his life is poised for a return, and oh what a return it'll be. Empire Online (by way of Variety) reports that the Wachowski brothers are looking to pump a little bullet time into a "Conan the Barbarian" resurrection.

The Hollywood Reporter says the Wachowskis will wear three hats: creative consultants, producers, and second unit directors. Full direction will be handled by original "Conan" writer/director John Milius. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who rode "Conan" to fame and ungodly fortune, will probably return as a mentor to a younger, hungrier barbarian. What this means is that another muscle-bound, broad-sword-wielding behemoth will take the "Conan" mantle. Back in May, USA Today reported that The Rock was the muscle boy of choice for the next "Conan" movie, but everyone's favorite eyebrow-arching wrestler is already committed to "The Scorpion King," so he won't be going barbarian anytime soon. It appears that a full-on casting call will be in order, so if you're a freakishly big individual with frightening man boobs and a propensity for violence, "Conan" might be your shot at stardom.
Posted: 11/07/00