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John Cusack: Cosmic Bandito
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Variety reports that John Cusack is set to play a drug smuggler/physicist on the lam in an adaptation of A.C. Weisbecker's book "Cosmic Banditos." The story will center on Cusack's character and the revelations he uncovers after finding a link between daily chaos and quantum physics.

The book, which will be reprinted in March, has a small cult following but little information about the book's background or its enigmatic author has been posted online. According to the bibliography at Amazon, "Cosmic Banditos" is Weisbecker's only novel.

Fortunately, the tone of the novel can be gleaned from the first four chapters, which have been transcribed and posted by some very nice people with fine typing skills. "Banditos" appears to be descended from Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo style. It's a quirky story that mixes odd characters, drug use, and unusual situations. The main character is a perfect fit for Cusack because it blends the same intelligence, weirdness, and affability he's showcased in "Grosse Pointe Blank," "Being John Malkovich," and "High Fidelity."

Production information and further casting news haven't been reported, but it's likely this project will get rolling after the SAG strike has been settled.
Posted: 01/14/01