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Review: Enemy at the Gates
  • Enemy at the Gates (Grade: A) — Director Jean-Jacques Annaud brings a rare global perspective to the WWII genre. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.

  • Enemy at the Gates (Grade: B+) — Jude Law and Ed Harris play dueling WWII snipers in this effective, but slightly marred, thriller. Reviewed by Mac Slocum.
    Posted: 03/10/01

  • Enemy at the Gates Pushed to March
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    March is a dull month for movies, but this year could be different thanks to Paramount's recent decision to move "Enemy at the Gates" from late February to March 23. Based on a true story, "Enemy" is a WWII thriller that pits a Russian sniper (Jude Law) against a Nazi rifleman (Ed Harris). The full-length trailer, available at the official site (Quicktime required), shows both aerial and ground battles, and it hints at an intense, climactic duel between Law and Harris.

    The film looks good, but "Enemy" isn't a guaranteed hit. Jude Law, an Oscar nominee for "The Talented Mr. Ripley," has earned accolades for his supporting work, but "Enemy" is his first shot at leading manhood. Director Jean-Jacques Annaud ("Seven Years in Tibet") is also facing a challenge as "Enemy" is the largest project he's ever encountered. The film's complicated effects work was responsible for it missing the original December 22 release — a delay that eliminated "Enemy" from 2000 Oscar contention.

    The film's push from February to March was probably done to distance "Enemy" from the February 9 release of "Hannibal." Pre-release tracking numbers suggest that "Hannibal" could be MGM's biggest release ever. News like this causes puddles to form around the feet of rival studio execs.

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    Posted: 01/19/01

    Jude Law and Ed Harris Team for Sniper-fest
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    Faint Oscar whispers are already snuggling against "Enemy at the Gates," a big-budget WWII-era film starring Jude Law and Ed Harris. The "true" story centers on a Russian sniper named Vasiliy Zaitsev (Law), who picked off German soldiers at a rate that became quite disturbing to German commanders. Heinz Thorwald (Harris), a German sniper, is dispatched to put an end to all this Russian sniper nonsense and what develops is a cat-and-mouse game where both marksmen take turns being the hunter and the huntee. The story is supposedly true, but the obligatory romantic side-plot and a smattering of apocryphal elements will undoubtedly be added to give the film a nice, robust flavor. The film is also garnering buzz because its $85-million budget is the highest ever for a European production—most of that probably going toward rifle practice for the stars. "Enemy at the Gates" is tentatively set for a November 10 release. For more information, check out
    Posted: 7/07/00