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Episode II Gets IMAX Treatment
  "Episode II" is returning to theaters in an engorged form. says the film will reappear on select IMAX screens in the United States and Canada beginning Nov. 1 -- a date that corresponds shockingly well with the film's Nov. 12 DVD release. Funny how it works out that way.

It's not unusual for a blockbuster to receive a second run on large screens, but "Episode II" differs because the entire film has been transferred to the IMAX format. This means George Lucas' collection of unnecessary digital creatures and wooden acting can cover all eight stories of an IMAX screen. It also means Yoda can singlehandedly save the film in a bigger, badder way.
Posted: 09/09/02

Review: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Grade: A) — George Lucas steers the "Star Wars" saga into darker themes—love, evil, temptation, and destruction—while ratcheting up the immersion and action. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 05/09/02

  • Yoda: Ass-Kicker Am I
      SPOILER WARNING: A number of clips from "Episode II" are surfacing online, including a very special trailer from the "Star Wars Celebration II" expo that shows just how big a badass Yoda can be. The quality is poor--it was filmed by an audience member--but this download is worth the effort (Quicktime required).
    Posted: 05/09/02

    Episode II Marketing Gets Simple
      As "Episode I" toys biodegrade in toy store Sarlacc pits, paraphernalia from "Episode II" is arriving on shelves—and this time, George Lucas has learned his lesson. says the number of available "Episode II" products has been limited to less than 50. "Episode I" had 85.

    There will be no fast-food tie-ins for "Episode II," says USA Today. That means no Yoda burritos, no buckets of Anakin crispy chicken, and not one Jar-Jar Chalupa.

    Howard Roffman, Lucasfilm licensing executive, tells that attention will be given to the core items. "We're going to stick to the basics -- toys, video games ... the things our fans prefer, rather than some of the fringe items," Roffman says.
    Posted: 04/25/02

    Time Magazine Gives Episode II High Marks
      In its latest issue, "Time Magazine" offers a ringing endorsement of "Episode II: Attack of the Clones." Writers Richard Corliss and Jess Cagle were treated to rough cut of "Episode II" and they liked what they saw. "After seeing a rough cut of the film and reading the script," they write, "we can say that Clones seems poised to get the series back on track--and provide an exhilarating two hours of serious fun."

    In an interview with George Lucas, the "Star Wars" mastermind offers vague, but interesting clues about Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader. "He turns into Darth Vader because he gets attached to things," Lucas tells "Time." "He can't let go of his mother; he can't let go of his girlfriend. He can't let go of things. It makes you greedy. And when you're greedy, you are on the path to the dark side, because you fear you're going to lose things, that you're not going to have the power you need."

    "Time" has also assembled an accompanying "Star Wars" mini-site that includes a gallery of images from "Episode II" (a shot of the new all-CGI Yoda is particularly impressive).
    Posted: 04/22/02

    New Episode II Trailer Hints at Greatness
      Sweeping from the darkness for the first time in more than a month, I've returned to offer galactic tidings with an "Episode II" update. For the 1.5 billion of you who have already seen the new "Attack of the Clones" trailer, this news will be late and irrelevant. But I really don't care—especially since the new trailer is a jaw-dropping spectacle that's better than "Cats" and meant to be seen again and again.

    And you can do exactly that by downloading the beast from The trailer is in Quicktime format, which is the good news, but you'll need to upgrade to Quicktime Pro ($29.99) to see the large, broadband version. It's a cheeky marketing move by Lucasfilm and Apple, but you've got to admire their moxy and timing—what other non-porn download would you pay for? has also unveiled a new one-sheet poster for "Attack of the Clones" and if you're a fan of the character-collage-with-lens-flare design used for the "Star Wars" special edition art, you'll be enraptured by this one.
    Posted: 03/12/02

    Apocryphal Rumblings: Episode II Script Review Surfaces
      Earlier this week, Dark Horizons posted a script review for "Episode II," and while there are questions about its validity, the plot points it describes are reasonable (nothing about Yoda opening a wampa brothel or Anakin joining a Jedi boy band). Even if the review is 50 percent on-target, "Episode II" will easily surpass "Episode I" simply because there's none of that tax-blockade/alien-politics nonsense to suck the life from the film.

    Visit Dark Horizons for the full review, but be warned because juicy SPOILERS might lie within.
    Posted: 02/01/02

    *NYSYNC Brings Dirty Pop to Galaxy Far, Far Away
      In addition to fame, adoration, unlimited hair care products, and more money than the diety of your choice, boy band membership now includes cameo roles as light-saber-wielding Jedi in "Episode II." confirms that the five members of *NYSNC have filmed a scene at the invitation of "Episode II" producer Rick McCallum. However, *NYSYNC fans should curb their squeals of prepubescent joy because there are no guarantees the boys will make the final cut. The scene—rumored to be a big battle between Jedis and droids—might be altered, cut, or digitally morphed to replace *NYSNC with Backstreet.

    In other "Episode II" news, a collection of promotional shots has bubbled forth, including a low-resolution piece of hilarity showing Yoda with his boom stick. Pictures of Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Jango Fett are available in the full collection.
    Posted: 01/07/02

    Episode II Title Announced, Groaning Commences
      It's official. The title of "Episode II"—the official, legally binding, soon to be on posters and marketing material everywhere title—is "Attack of the Clones." Unlike other title suggestions that have bounced around the Web, this one has the stink of legitimacy because it comes from the heart of George Lucas' dominion:

    The announcement attempts to justify the title's existence by saying it "harkens back to the sense of pure fun, imagination and excitement that characterized the classic movie serials and pulp space fantasy adventures that inspired the Star Wars saga."

    For more on the title, including a fitting response from "Episode II" star Ewan McGregor, visit TheForce.Net
    Posted: 08/07/01

    Episode II Revelations: More Jedi, Less Jar-Jar
      Small but satisfying "Episode II" details were revealed last week at the San Diego Comic-Con. Sci Fi Wire says a teaser video screened at the convention offered peeks at Jango Fett (Boba Fett's father), a battle-ready Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson), and a brief fight sequence with young lovers Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) fending off attackers—awww, bloodthirsty Jedi love. However, the most interesting revelations came via Lucasfilm spokesperson Steve Sansweet who confirmed an "Episode II" rain-drenched duel between Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) and Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) and, more importantly, significantly reduced screen time for CGI monstrosity Jar-Jar Binks. If Binks' appearance involves a sizzling grill or a herd of rabid Banthas, millions will be pleased.
    Posted: 07/24/01

    Episode II Trailer Attached to Planet of the Apes?
      Let the unfounded rumors begin! Wizard magazine, by way of Coming Soon, says the teaser trailer for "Episode II" might be attached to July 27th's premiere of "Planet of the Apes." The report cites no sources, but the idea isn't completely ludicrous since both "Apes" and "Episode 2" will be released by 20th Century Fox. A brain-dead monkey can see the benefits of plugging the studio's biggest 2002 release in front of its biggest 2001 release.

    However, business sense means jack when the trailer doesn't exist and based on "Episode II" status reports from, it doesn't sound like Lucas and his digital cronies have time to sleep let alone craft a fitting teaser trailer. Also, if Lucas follows the same promotion path he took with "The Phantom Menace" it's way too early for an "Episode II" trailer. The first "Phantom Menace" trailer screened in November 1998—six months before the May '99 premiere.
    Posted: 07/01/01

    Finding Faith in the Force
      I'm not sure how something so patently weird flew beneath my radar, but earlier this month the BBC ran an article about a New Zealand movement to turn Jedi into a recognized religion. Yes, that Jedi.

    In an email sent out a few days before New Zealand's official census, citizens were asked to list their religion as "Jedi." The message says that if 8,000 people make the move to the Force on the census, Jedi will become an officially recognized religion in New Zealand. The 8,000 figure might be a fabrication since it originated in the email, but even if it is correct Jedi's future as a religion won't be known until final census results have been released.

    The BBC article also mentions The Jedi Creed, which appears to be a real group of people who use the Force as the foundation of their belief system. The Jedi Creed's official site contains reams of text espousing self discovery, patience, and the benevolent energy that flows from the Force. They're a liberal group, who "respect all religions, and do not make rules on how to live your life, only suggestions." They're also realistic, pointing out that none of the members can "levitate things or read peoples' minds." Basically, they're Jedi with none of the perks.

    A connection between the Jedi Creed and the New Zealand email might seem a natural fit, but the tongue-in-cheek tone of the email doesn't jive with the reverence on the Jedi Creed's homepage. Furthermore, administrative information for the Jedi Creed site lists Germany as the country of origin. If the Jedi Creed's members are based in Europe, official religion recognition in New Zealand will be as useful as a busted hyperdrive.
    Posted: 03/20/01

    Is Star Wars Finally Coming to DVD?
      Test Pattern at Coming Attractions has information about a two-disc, super-secret DVD development project between LucasFilm and Panasonic Disc Services Corporation (PDSC). While the name of the film hasn't been revealed, the project is code-named "Blue Harvest," which is the exact code used during production of "Return of the Jedi." Coincidence? Hell no!

    A digital "Jedi" would be pretty tootin' sweet but it doesn't make sense for George Lucas to begin the DVD transfer with the sixth film in the series. Test Pattern says the film at the heart of this project is probably "Episode I." The prospect of Jar-Jar in my living room makes my innards crawl, but if that's what it takes to bring the original trilogy to DVD, so be it.

    Possible release dates and specifications for the double-disc package are available in Test Pattern's full report.
    Posted: 03/14/01

    Episode II Pictures: Palpatine Hit by Galactic Ass Truck
      New "Episode II" pictures posted at suggest that Senator Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), the evil politician who becomes the really evil Emperor, will have a larger, and uglier, role in the next "Star Wars" installment. One particularly gruesome close-up shows that the Senator is well on his way to becoming the hooded, lightning-hurling monstrosity revealed in "Return of the Jedi." Compare the new image with Palpatine's appearance in "Episode I" and you'll see how liver spots and evil incarnate go hand in hand.

    The other interesting picture from the new scans is a shot of Padme's (Natalie Portman) apartment. Ikea's influence has spread to a galaxy far, far away.

    Visit for the full image collection.
    Posted: 03/13/01

    Episode II: My, What a Nice Bust
    ewan mcgregor  
    © 2001 Lucasfilm  
    Important invitees to next week's American International Toy Fair in New York City will be treated to a collection of busts representing "Episode II" characters. According to an official blurb from, the exhibit will only be open to "specially cleared attendants." To appease the moviegoing peasantry, Lord Lucas has kindly posted pictures of the busts. If you've always had an odd urge to see what Samuel L. Jackson looks like with no pupils, here's your chance. The molds, which resemble next-generation versions of Han Solo during his carbonite days, will be used to manufacture toys and assorted playthings.
    Posted: 02/09/01

    Star Wars Update: Historical Trivia, New Episode II Pictures
    natalie portman  
    © French Insider has posted two "Star Wars" items of note. The first, a film blurb from a 1980 issue of Time magazine, is interesting from an historical standpoint because it shows how well-developed George Lucas' "Star Wars" vision has always been. At the time the article was written, only "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back" had been released. In the piece, Lucas offers small clues about the third film, then known as "Revenge of the Jedi," but he also sketches an outline of the prequel storyline that is remarkably consistent with the current plot. The article also mentions the long-rumored, but now-cancelled, post-"Jedi" trilogy. Visit for the full text.

    The second item brings us hurtling back to the present in a crisp, visually-alluring way., by way of the French magazine Insider, has posted a heaping pile of high-quality photos from the "Episode II" production. Until now, the only "Episode II" photos to emerge have been grainy zoom-lens paparazzi pics that detailed the unexciting goings-on in the studio parking lot. Thankfully, these new pictures show some actual filmmaking.

    Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, and a handful of supporting actors are seen in full costume. C-3PO, R2-D2 and a number of creatures are also represented, but weapons and vehicles are absent. The pictures don't reveal any plot points (Lucas would have blown a hydrospanner if they did), but it does appear that Portman is trading her grandiose Amidala garb for a more pleasant natural look. No complaints there.

    You'll find the full collection of images at
    Posted: 01/04/01

    Episode II Madness: Battle Rumors, Lucas Interview, New Stills
      With the "real" filming out of the way on "Episode II," George Lucas and his team of CGI drones are turning their attention to the computer-generated "fake" parts that will constitute the bulk of the film. It's still early in the process ("Episode II" won't hit theatres until 2002), but tantalizing plot spoilers are already surfacing.

    The most intriguing spoiler deals with an integral fight scene toward the end of "Episode II." I'll refrain from further description, but those who desperately want to know what transpires (or what might transpire), should visit T'Bone's Star Wars Universe. Beware! This report is detailed and, if true, exceptionally important to "Episode II's" plot.

    For the non-spoiler contingent, a recent Lucas interview conducted by the UK's "Star Wars" magazine has a smattering of general tidbits. The lackadaisical questions make it clear that "Star Wars" magazine is an official, Lucas-approved publication. Nevertheless, Lucas expands on the rumored "darkness" of "Episode II," going so far as to say "the next one will probably be the darkest of all of them." Does this mean Jar-Jar is involved in a bloody conflict that ends in a swirl of torn flesh and Gungan guts? Let's hope so. The full text of the interview is available at Fort Tusken.

    And finally, spankin' new stills from "Episode II" are now available on the official site. The pictures are embedded within an article that briefly describes the new Sony Panavision 24-fps digital camera used by Lucas and his cronies to film "Episode II." Judging by the clarity of these shots, "Episode II" could be a big step toward widespread adoption of digital filmmaking.
    Posted: 12/05/00

    Exclusive! Natalie Portman Walks Across Harvard Campus
      In an unexpected but totally anti-climactic meeting, Filmfodder Contributing Editor Eva Weber ran into Natalie Portman as the actress-turned-student was walking across the Harvard University campus today. Portman, probably best known for her role as Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequel "The Phantom Menace," was wearing a grey peacoat and talking to a fellow student of the male species with unkempt, shoulder-length hair. "She's shorter than me," said the utterly unimpressed Filmfodder editor, "and as plain-looking as the next person."

    Note: This report is not a joke. This unremarkable run-in actually happened.
    Posted: 11/28/00

    Lucas Invites Rebel Filmmakers into the Fold
    give me my inhaler  
    © Lucasfilms  
    George Lucas, perhaps atoning for that Jar-Jar debacle, has teamed with Atom Films to offer safe harbor for directors of "Star Wars"-inspired shorts. Instead of dispatching a battalion of Storm Troopers armed with cease and desist orders, Lucas has chosen to embrace these bursts of "Star Wars" creativity.

    The embracing will take place in The Star Wars Fan Film Network. According to an Atom Films press release, the Network will provide filmmakers with an official, Lucasfilm-approved hosting location. Directors will be permitted to use downloadable "Star Wars" sound files, thereby freeing filmmakers from hours of sound-tweaking tedium, and, in extreme cases, providing a safe alternative to Vaderesque asthma attacks.

    Unfortunately, one caveat may prevent some films from making the cut. According to the submissions guidelines, "materials should not contain original Star Wars music and/or video." Unless you've got a seven-foot friend with unusual hair growth, you'll have to find another way to get Chewie in your flick.

    Of course, this limitation doesn't apply to the catalog of films that's currently on display at While not sanctioned by Lucasfilms, this collection of shorts represents the best of fan-made filmmaking.
    Posted: 11/07/00

    David Duchovny: Jedi Knight?
      An article at Empire Online says that George Lucas has asked David Duchovny to take a role in "Episode III." The article doesn't offer specifics about the role, but Duchovny's smart-assed sense of humor and ample nose would serve him well as an alien comedian or a smarmy Cantina dweller.

    The Empire report is particularly interesting because Duchovny's TV partner, Gillian Anderson, was long-rumored as a cast member in "Episode II." Back in January, Dark Horizons posted an item that said Anderson would be a member of the Jedi Council in "Episode II." Further information on her casting hasn't surfaced, so her involvement in "Episode II" is still a rumor.
    Posted: 10/10/00

    Digital Wizadry Unlocks "Episode II" Fight Scene
      Warning: Beware of "Episode II" spoilers.
    For the last few months George Lucas has been posting ambiguous shots from the "Episode II" production on the official Star Wars site. While most have been mind-numbing teases that leave you wondering "Is that Boba Fett's arm or is that a halibut?", the latest picture may be more revealing then Czar Lucas would prefer. took the latest "Episode II Select" picture, which you can find here, and got funky with it in Photoshop, thereby revealing the possible combatants in a fight scene. Because I fear the backlash from the non-spoiler contingent, I'm going to quell my urge to spill the beans and simply point you toward the interesting digital results at Note: This item was first published at IGN Movies, so give them all the credit for bringing it to the world's attention.
    Posted: 9/25/00

    Return of the Droid: Kenny Baker Confirmed for "Episode II"
      I posted an item earlier this week that said Kenny Baker would not be reprising the role of R2D2 in "Episode II". This report originated at the IMDb and it was confirmed by, a respected Star Wars fan site. However, a notice posted yesterday at refutes the story and says that Baker is in "Episode II". George Lucas is quoted: "...there's an element of humanity to Artoo that comes from having Kenny Baker inside. We've always had Kenny scheduled for a number of shots during the final week of shooting at Elstree Studios."

    A possible explanation for the confusion is posted at T'bone's Prequel Preview. According to the site, Baker was always part of the cast, but his involvement wasn't confirmed until mid-August. Baker's comments—posted at the IMDb—must have been recorded before he knew he was part of the cast. Austrailian-based filming for "Episode II" has been in full swing for much of the summer and Baker was not among the cast, so the confirmation of his involvement seems a little late. Nonetheless, the good news is that Baker will return and R2 won't be going the way of Jar-Jar.
    Posted: 8/31/00

    R2D2 Sacked by Computer
      After stuffing yourself in a tin can for four movies, you'd think you'd get a little appreciation. Such is not the case for the maligned Kenny Baker, the "actor" who brought R2D2 to life. According to an item at the IMDb, Baker is being replaced by a computer-generated version of R2. The decision will undoubtedly have something to do with economics, but if Lucas sat down with his accountant he'd realize Baker is a bargain. How many actors would swelter under the hot Tunisian sun just so they can make a wee robot sputter and clank? Unfortunately, Baker stands to get the raw end of the light saber with this move. His filmography includes small roles (so to speak) in "Time Bandits" and "Labyrinth," both wonderful novelty films, but "Star Wars" has always been his bread and butter.
    Posted: 8/28/00

    More Sneaky Pictures from "Episode II"
      As noted here last week, a crafy photographer has been snapping shots of "Episode II" cast members. Last week's photo collection featured pictures of stars Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen and this week a shot of the other major star—Natalie Portman—has appeared online. The picture of Portman suggests that Amidala will ditch the garish costumes of "Episode I" in favor of more utilitarian garb. This makes sense since it would be awfully hard to kick Jar-Jar's ass with all those robes getting in the way. Other pictures show two types of aliens: one is a galactic rastafarian fella and the other is the ugly kid brother from the Blue Man Group. To see all the pictures, visit Sir Steve's Star Wars Guide.
    Posted: 8/17/00

    Possible Episode II Title: "The Rise of the Empire"
      Update: The diligent guys at called LucasFilm to check on this title story and Lucas representatives denied the report. As far as they're concerned, the movie is still known as "Star Wars -- Episode II."

    Here's a quickie. Popcorn, by way of an Australian newspaper report, says that George Lucas may have decided on a title for Episode II. According to them, the name will be "The Rise Of The Empire." The validity of this report isn't 100 percent solid, so it might turn out that the title is something completely different (I'm pulling for "Episode II: Electric Boogaloo"). I'll be back later with more information. In the meantime, drop by the "Episode 2" section of the Filmfodder Forums to talk about the title and other "Star Wars" stuff.
    Posted: 8/17/00

    Sneaky "Episode II" Cast Shots Surface Online
      SirSteve's Star Wars Guide has posted seven paparazzi-style "Episode II" cast photos taken on-location in Sydney, Australia. The shots are grainy but focused, suggesting they were shot by a photog blessed with an endowed zoom lens. Despite the picture quality, the shots reveal a number of costumes that will be on display in "Episode II." Many of the extras are sporting the latest in frumpy peasant ware, which suggests that the slaves seen in "Episode I" are making a return. If that's the case, perhaps George Lucas will take the next logical step and have Jar-Jar beheaded during a slave revolt (I can dream, can't I?). Death fantasies aside, the most interesting shots in this contraband collection are of Ewan McGregor. Ewan has traded that sissy Padawan braid for a beard and shaggy hair, which makes him look like the butt-kicking Jedi general Obi-Wan was always meant to be. Shots of George Lucas and Hayden Christensen are also available. To see the complete set, visit SirSteve's Star Wars Guide and click on the image links on the left-hand side.
    Posted: 8/08/00

    Lucas Digs Fake "Episode II" Trailer
      As noted last week, a fake "Episode II" trailer has swirled through the Web with virus-like expansion, and now it appears that Star Wars Fan #1 has passed judgement on this superb homage. IMDb reports that George Lucas has seen the trailer and was duly impressed. The anonymous director of the trailer is probably breathing a little easier now that a Lucas lawsuit seems to have subsided, but the creator is still playing it safe by lying low. If you haven't viewed the trailer, check it out at
    Posted: 8/03/00

    Fake "Episode II" Trailer Raises Bar for Forgeries
      An impressive "Episode II" trailer has just hit the Web but the slick production and compelling music didn't emanate from LucasFilms—it's the work of an anonymous filmmaker. This isn't like the Superfriends/Whassup! spoof that garnered attention earlier this year, this is a "fake" trailer that was produced by someone who DEFINITELY knows what they're doing. The trailer, available at, features confirmed cast members Ewan MacGregor, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman, Jimy Smits and Hayden Christensen set against unconfirmed players like Christopher Walken. A lot of the shots are from other films—the horde of "Braveheart" warriors running across a field brandishing light sabers is particularly noteworthy—but there are no noticeable gaffes that would peg this as a fake. has more background information on the trailer and has a copy available for download. Even if you're cursed with a slow connection, take the time to watch this thing.

    Update: has a letter from the anonymous director of the "Episode II" trailer. It's an interesting look at how a little idea can turn into a Web phenomenon.
    Posted: 7/26/00

    Smits Confirmed for Episodes II and III
      The boys at Coming Attractions must be riding high on this news. Back in May, CA broke a story that said Jimmy Smits would have a role in the upcoming "Star Wars" prequels. Despite vehement denials from the Lucas and Smits camps, CA stuck by their story and now they've emerged smelling sweeter than wildflowers at a rest stop. (the official site) has confirmed that Smits will play Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan in both prequels. Organa is a vital "bridge" character between the prequels and originals because he becomes Princess Leia's foster father sometime in "Episode III." He also becomes a free-floating vapor when the Death Star tests its laser of carnage on Alderaan in "Episode IV"—but I'm getting ahead of myself. Smits' television career has been impressive, particularly his recent work as Detective Bobby Simone on "NYPD Blue," but his box office clout is on par with Bea Arthur's. Here's hoping Jimmy can pull through. Additionally, I raise my Sam Summer Brew to the boys at CA for resisting the urge to gloat and coming through with one hell of a scoop.
    Posted: 7/13/00

    Rumor: Smits to Strap on Light Saber
    damn you Sipowicz  
    © New Line Cinema  
    Coming Attractions (by way of IGN Movies) has scored a major coup by reporting that former "NYPD Blue" star Jimmy Smits will have roles in both upcoming "Star Wars" prequels. Coming Attractions says his role in Episode 2 will be small, rivaling that of Samuel "Mace Windu" Jackson's in "Episode 1." Smits' role in "Episode 3" is rumored to be more substantial but the tight-lipped Jedis at the Skywalker Ranch aren't confirming a damn thing. For all we know, Dennis Franz' well-publicized posterior might be cast as a young Jabba the Hutt. Anything's possible in that galaxy far, far away. (Apologies for the picture -- it's the only one we could dig up).
    Posted: 6/01/00

    Galactic Stupidity: Lucas to Write, Direct and Produce "Episode II"
    star wars  
    © 20th Century Fox  
    All "Star Wars" fans, please join hands and repeat after me: "Oh heavenly Jawa. Please let George write a decent screenplay. He does not realize his weaknesses and needs your Jawa guidance. Make his dialogue flow. Teach him the importance of contractions. And please, PLEASE, make him kill Jar-Jar in Act 1." What's the impetus for this ridiculous appeal to the Great Jawa in the sky? is reporting that Lucas has decided to write, direct and produce "Episode II." Unlike many people, I enjoyed "Episode I," but I can't deny that the script was lacking and the dialogue sucked Bantha bottom. Let's hope Georgie shows his screenplay to an editor before ILM builds all those expensive wireframes.
    Posted: 5/25/00

    Ridiculously Lucky Canadian Lands Anakin Role
      IGN Movies is reporting that Hayden Christensen has been officially cast as Anakin Skywalker for Episodes 2 and 3. If you're scratching your head thinking "Who the hell is Hayden Christensen?" you're not alone. The 19-year-old had a small role in John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness" (official box office numbers list it as making $3.50 in its theatrical run). Christensen also plays a troubled teen on "Higher Ground," a Fox Family channel series that consistently racks up a 0.0001 rating share. According to the "Higher Ground" cast bio, Christensen stars as Scott Barringer, a youth "who harbors painful secrets as he tries to shed his drug addiction." Unless Skywalker develops a serious Bantha fodder addiction, Christensen's previous role isn't going to help him much. Posted: 5/16/00