FDR, Croft, Cosell: Jon Voight Gets Supportive in 2001
  Many of Jon Voight's recent career decisions have been suspect — "Anaconda" and "Varsity Blues" were particularly lame — but his upcoming slate of supporting roles might justify his status as an Oscar winner.

Beginning May 25, Voight will be seen playing Franklin D. Roosevelt in Michael Bay's "Pearl Harbor." It remains to be seen how historical drama will mesh with Bay's balls-out filmmaking style, but Voight could distinguish himself as an anchor amidst the seizure-inducing jump cuts and gaping plot holes.

Premiering June 15 is "Tomb Raider," a high-energy videogame adaptation in which Voight plays the father of busty, gun-toting protagonist Lara Croft. Voight's casting is a mere publicity ploy because Voight's real-life daughter, Angelina Jolie, stars as Croft.

Appearing as FDR and Lord Croft will give Voight plenty of summer screentime, but his most intriguing role of 2001 won't be unveiled until late fall. The Hollywood Reporter recently confirmed that Voight will play disgruntled sportscaster Howard Cosell in Michael Mann's Muhammad Ali biopic. Cosell, who died in 1995, is still regarded as history's most outspoken, most hated, sportscaster. Voight's challenge will be to portray Cosell as more than a caricature — a feat that will require something Voight has neglected in recent projects: acting.

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Posted: 01/14/01