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Richard Donner Confirms Goonies Sequel
  "Baaaaaaybeeee Ruuuuth!"

Buried deep in an Associated Press article about the enduring cult status of "The Goonies" lies confirmation that a "Goonies" sequel is in development. "Goonies" director Richard Donner says the sequel is chugging toward fruition, with filming likely to begin in six months to a year. Better still, Donner says "everybody's coming back," which means "Goonies 2" will reunite Mikey, Mouth, Brand, Andy, Data, Stef, and Chunk. Sadly, Chunk's partner-in-eating, Sloth, won't be in the sequel because actor John Matuszak died in 1989. To honor Sloth's memory I think it's only fitting for the sequel to begin with a poignant moment of silence followed by an explosive Truffle Shuffle.

In other "Goonies" news, the original will be released on DVD August 21. The disc features commentary from Richard Donner and the cast (what else did they have to do?), deleted scenes, the original trailer, and the music video for Cyndi Lauper's long-lost 80s hit "Goonies R Good Enough II."
Posted: 07/20/01