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Greatest American Hero Finds Writer
  Paul Hernandez has been hired by Disney to write the script for "The Greatest American Hero," reports Variety. The relatively inexperienced screenwriter won the job by wearing the original "Hero" suit from the early-'80s TV show during his pitch meeting.

The show centered on a schoolteacher who receives a powerful costume from aliens, but he loses the instruction manual and is left to his own devices to harness the suit's abilities. Hernandez's version will introduce additional suits to the story.
Posted: 05/20/02

Greatest American Hero in 2003? says production on "The Greatest American Hero" will likely begin late this year or in early 2003, which means a 2003 release is feasible. Casting and directing announcements have not been made.
Posted: 04/19/02

The Greatest American Movie
  Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free-eee-eeeee

If those words ring a bell, you probably remember the early-80s TV show "The Greatest American Hero." The short-running show aired from 1981-1983, but the catchy theme and the fond memories of a superhero who sucked at being a superhero have kept the flame burning. Now, 20 years later, Touchstone Pictures wants to dump gasoline on that quaint little flame with a big-screen version of "The Greatest American Hero."

At the moment, only preliminary information is available (, as usual, has a nice collection of facts and links). The single confirmed detail is that screenwriters Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, the team behind "Never Been Kissed," are working on the adaptation. The director, the star, the release date, and the premise are still rattling around the heads of Touchstone execs.

Details are lacking, but it can be assumed this film will be a comedy. It can also be assumed the story will feature the same core structure as the TV show — namely, a "regular" guy is given an alien super-suit that grants him extraordinary powers, but he loses the instruction manual and is left to his own devices to learn the mysteries of the suit.

It wouldn't be surprising if the plot takes a note from the "Charlie's Angels" adaptation by using the TV series as a backstory. Perhaps the latest "Greatest American Hero" could turn to predecessors for help in harnessing his newfound powers. Either that or he could seek out "Batman & Robin" director Joel Schumacher so he too can have nipples attached to his superhero costume.

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Posted: 02/15/01