Spotlight Movie // Independence Day 2

ID4-2: Aliens Spoil July 4...Again
  "Independence Day 2" is percolating. In an interview with Cinescape, "Independence Day" co-creator Dean Devlin confirms that he and "ID4" director Roland Emmerich have hatched upon a story idea for the sequel. Devlin doesn't reveal the idea, but his comments suggest the film will be distinct from the original (a la "Aliens") and will have some sort of inspiration from the events of Sept. 11 (what?). It's all quite vague, but that's to be expected from a creative team that believes a Mac Powerbook is compatible with alien technology.

The original "Independence Day" grossed more than $300 million in 1996, making it ripe for a quick sequel. So why the delay?

"The big point for us was the first film was never intended to have a sequel," Devlin tells Cinescape. "We didn't want to jam one into it. So when an idea came up which really felt organic to the story we were trying to tell, we got really excited."
Posted: 06/13/02