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On This Day in Matrix History...
  The Associated Press took a break from the bleak news of the day, instead turning its high-powered research capabilities to the Gordian Knot known as the "Matrix" trilogy. Drawing upon the films and the "The Animatrix" shorts, the AP has assembled what appears to be a fairly reasonable "Matrix" timeline that stretches from the first moments of sentient robots up through the happenings of "Revolutions." Granted, this isn't a Wachowski-approved timeline, but it's worth a look nonetheless.
Posted: 11/05/03

Review: The Matrix Revolutions
  • The Matrix Revolutions (Grade: B+) — Neo returns for a final bit of raging against the machine, but questions remain unanswered. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 11/05/03

  • Clog Your Network with High-Res Matrix Trailer
      Put that super-fast broadband connection to good use with a pristine new trailer from "The Matrix Revolutions." Coming Soon has links to low- and mid-res Quicktime verions, but there's really no need to waste your time with the piddly stuff when you can cast your eyes upon the high-res, DVD-quality uber-trailer. Agent Smith would be proud.
    Posted: 10/01/03

    Bye, Bye, Neo: Jet Li Bails on Matrix Sequels
      Back in April, news surfaced that Jet Li was being courted to star in the two "Matrix" sequels. After a brief flurry of activity, including some pseudo-official announcements of Li's involvement, further news has been scarce. But now, Variety columnist Michael Fleming says Li has passed on the opportunity and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star Michelle Yeoh is in the lead for Li's vacated role.

    The reason for Li's non-committal is, as always, money. The hefty $30-million salary of Keanu Reeves combined with the many hands in the profit-sharing pot have depleted the production's resources to the point where Li was offered $1.5 million per picture — a number way below the $9.5-million rate he's commanding. While a significant paycut is a reasonable excuse for exiting a picture, Li may come to regret the move if the "Matrix" trilogy taps into the same reverence given to the first three "Star Wars" classics. Of course, Li is one of the few people on the planet who has a legitimate chance to kick his own ass, so self-inflicted punishment is always an option.

    Yeoh, best known as the woman who stole the show from Pierce Brosnan in "Tomorrow Never Dies," is garnering critical and audience acclaim for her work in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Oscar talk has started to buzz around the film, which means the "Matrix" money-handlers will have to sign Yeoh soon before more nominations are announced and her asking price goes up.
    Posted: 12/19/00

    "Matrix 2" Storyboards Sneak Onto Net
    the one called Trinity  
    © 1999 Warner Bros.  
    News on the "Matrix" sequels has been sparse, so when bits surface that may be apocryphal it's still worth noting. That's the case with three "Matrix 2" storyboards posted at Ain't it Cool News. The first two boards depict a fight scene, complete with busted cars and flames, but the third is the most interesting because it shows a wee piece of Zion, which is what we all want to see anyway. Again, I have no idea if these are real or not, but they're fun to look at nonetheless.

    Speaking of Zion, a recent interview with Mr. "Whoa" himself, Keanu Reeves, revealed that we will definitely see the underground city in the next two movies. Reeves is quoted: "We'll be visiting the world of Zion and that's about all I can tell you." I'd call that a confirmation. To read the full interview, Visit the IMDb

    The "Matrix 2" and "3" will be filmed back-to-back beginning next spring. "Matrix 2" is tentatively set for a Christmas 2002 release, but that may be changed if the Screen Actor's Guild strike goes through.
    Posted: 10/01/00

    Jet Li Confirmed for "Matrix" Sequels; Editors Agog
      Back in April casting rumors suggested that Jet Li would have roles in the "Matrix" sequels and now IGN Filmforce has confirmed this wondrous news. That's right ladies and gentleman, Jet Li -- the man who can move faster than a cheetah on a sugar high -- will be darting, kicking and swooshing through the upcoming "Matrix" movies. The Kung-fu scenes in the first "Matrix" were exceptional, but they might pale in comparison to the stunts Li can perform. Just imagine what a legitimate martial arts expert could do with bullet time. Whoa nellie.
    Posted: 6/19/00

    Jet Li in Matrix Sequels: An Excellent Idea
    There is No Spoon
      © Warner Bros.
    The Hollywood Reporter says that Jet Li, the so-fast-it-hurts martial arts expert in "Lethal Weapon 4" and "Romeo Must Die," might be cast in the upcoming "Matrix" sequels. A number of hurdles have to be overcome, most notably the lack of scripts, but the "Reporter" says the Wachowski Brothers are keen on making a deal. When the Wachowskis are keen, good things happen. Posted: 4/05/00