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Review: Men In Black 2
  • Men In Black 2 (Grade: D) — With bored stars and an out of control director, "Men In Black 2" is as joyless and strained as a sequel can get. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 07/08/02

  • Famke Janssen Leaves MIB2, Replaced by Skinniest Villain Ever
      The Hollywood Reporter says Lara Flynn Boyle ("The Practice") will replace Famke Janssen as the villainess Serleena in "Men in Black 2." According to the Reporter, Janssen only completed one day of work before dropping out because of an "illness in the family." The illness hasn't been disclosed, but until recently Janssen was a strong contender for the villain role in "Terminator 3," so the malady might involve liquid metal and a hefty pay check—but that's pure speculation.

    Janssen's departure may ultimately save money for "MIB2's" producers because Boyle's petite size—she disappears from the human visual spectrum at certain angles—eliminates the need for costly "disappearing villain" effects.

    "MIB2" is scheduled for release next summer.
    Posted: 07/19/01

    Famke Janssen Loves Those Evil Non-Humans
      A few months ago rumors suggested that Famke Janssen ("X-Men") was the frontrunner to play the villainous she-bot in "Terminator 3." Now, recent news confirms Janssen's future as a villain in a sci-fi sequel, but it's not "T3."

    The Hollywood Reporter says Janssen is in negotiations to star as the chief bad thing in "Men in Black 2." If a deal is finalized, Janssen will face off against original "Men in Black" stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in some sort of battle involving aliens and guns and witty one-liners set against a hip-hop beat.
    Posted: 04/16/01

    Men in Black 2 Casting News
      The shooting schedule and eventual release date for "Men in Black 2" depends on the outcome of this summer's proposed actor's strike, but the threat of a shutdown hasn't curbed "MIB2" casting news. Earlier this week, Action-Adventure Movies at interviewed Patrick Warburton (Puddy from "Seinfeld") and learned that Warburton has been offered a role as Will Smith's first partner — a partner that might be killed early on. Warburton hinted at the character's demise, saying "It's a good role in the first 10, 15 pages of the script."

    In further casting news, The Hollywood Reporter says Rosario Dawson ("Josie and the Pussycats") is in negotiations to play Smith's love interest. Last month, Variety (by way of Coming Attractions) reported that Johnny Knoxville of MTV's "Jackass" will play a two-headed alien, providing Knoxville with an extra head he can ram and splatter during mindless stunts.
    Posted: 03/15/01

    MIB Stars Ready to Return For Sequel
      Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, and director Barry Sonnenfeld will return for "Men in Black 2," says TV Guide Online. Unlike much of the information I run across online, this one has the sweet smell of truth attached to it because the confirmation comes via an interview with Will Smith himself. In characteristic fashion, Smith hypes the sequel, claiming the script surpasses the first movie. The interviewer, perhaps unwilling to put his career on the line, neglects to tell Smith that the first one didn't really focus on plot, but that's a moot point since "MIB's" box office numbers surpassed the GNP of most affluent countries. The ever-positive Smith also gushes about the cunning way in which the MIB will re-enlist the services of Tommy Lee Jones' retired (and brain wiped) character. "Oh, and how they bring Tommy's character back!" the Fresh Prince enthuses. "I can't let it out, but it's so brilliant."

    Unfortunately, it might be a long time before we can judge "MIB2's" brilliance for ourselves. As reported back in September, the SAG and Writers' Guild strikes could add months to the start date, thereby pushing the premiere deep into 2002. On a positive note, the extra time will give Smith ample opportunity to invent new party words (like "jiggy") and record the inevitable "MIB2" theme song.
    Posted: 10/16/00

    Strike Threatens to Bite "Men in Black" Sequel on Butt
    that's Mr. Jiggy to you  
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    A "Men in Black" sequel has appeared on the horizon, but it's going to be a long time before "MIB2" merchandise is included with our value meals. Director Barry Sonnefeld and star Will Smith have both expressed a strong interest in a second "MIB" and Variety is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones is also interested in returning to the franchise. But don't get jiggy just yet. The willingness of the principals to come together doesn't mean "MIB2" is on the fast track to production. Even if the pieces fall together in the next few weeks, production would stretch into the middle of next year, which is exactly when the Screen Actor's Guild strike is set to take place. The only way we'll see an "MIB" sequel in the near future is if the strike is called off—a longshot at best.
    Posted: 9/14/00