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Mounds and Mounds of Mummy Money
  "The Mummy Returns" kicked the summer season off with a vengeance. According to box office reports the sequel to "The Mummy" raked in $70.1 million from Friday through Sunday, setting a new record for a non-holiday weekend. The film beat the $64.8 million brought in by "The Phantom Menace" during its first weekend of release in 1999. It also eclipsed—really eclipsed—the $43.4 million grossed by the first "Mummy" film, which was also released in '99.

The new record is notable because it occurred during a regular weekend. Technically, the all-time premiere champ is still "The Lost World," which earned $72.1 million during the long Memorial Day weekend in 1997.

While a $70 million take is impressive, it's almost assured to be broken in 2002. "Spider-Man," "Star Wars Episode II," and "Men in Black 2" are scheduled to premiere next summer. If one of those three can't crack $70 million, there's a damn good chance the Christmas release of "The Matrix 2" will get the job done.
Posted: 05/06/01

Review: The Mummy Returns
  • The Mummy Returns (Grade: B) — It manages to be both complicated and dumb, but "The Mummy Returns" is the perfect film to start the summer season. Reviewed by Mac Slocum.
    Posted: 05/02/01

  • Improved Mummy Returns Trailer Available has posted a higher-quality version of the new "Mummy Returns" trailer. Unlike the version, the crystal clear Apple trailer facilitates viewing, which is usually a prerequisite for a movie trailer. Now that you can actually see the damn thing, keep an eye out for shots that hint at a great fight scene between Rachel Weisz and Patricia Velazquez. Weisz looks like she took a few butt-kicking lessons from Trinity. See for yourself at (Quicktime required).
    Posted: 11/16/00

    Mummy Returns Teaser Trailer Now Showing
      Entertainment Tonight Online (coyly referred to as "etonline") has posted the freshly-released teaser trailer for "The Mummy Returns." Viewing the trailer requires Windows Media Player and, unfortunately, 30-seconds of squinting through grainy pixels. Nevertheless, I think I saw all the major characters from "The Mummy" as well as a few new ones, including The Rock as The Scorpion King. "The Mummy Returns," premiering next May, will usher in the blockbuster season. Give it a look if you're hankering for a taste of things to come. (Note: Since the geniuses at etonline posted the trailer in Windows Media format, Mac users will have to sell their soul by downloading the beta of Windows Media Player 7 at
    Posted: 11/12/00

    Scorpion King Featured in New "Mummy" Pics
      The French edition of Premiere has posted three pictures from "The Mummy Returns", the sequel to the surprisingly good action-comedy "The Mummy". The most notable thing about these shots is that we get a clear look at the Scorpion King—a new villain played by WWF star The Rock. You can see The Rock in action, literally, in this picture and you'll find more stills from the film on this thumbnail page. "The Mummy Returns" premieres May 11, 2001.
    Posted: 9/23/00

    The Rock's Cookin' "Mummy"
      I'm late with this item, but I just found it so I feel compelled to share. WWF star The Rock (first name "The" last name "Rock") will be playing a half-man, half-scorpion guy/thing/creature in "The Mummy 2." Coming Attractions reports that Mr. Rock will be filming his role in Paris in the middle of May. I will have great amounts of admiration for The Rock if he puts the smackdown on the French. Posted: 5/01/00