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Claire Danes Joins Terminator 3
  Claire Danes (remember her?) has replaced Sophia Bush ("National Lampoon's Van Wilder") as John Conner's love interest in "Terminator 3," says Variety. Bush, 19, was deemed too young for the role, so the 23-year-old Danes was brought in to mature things up.
Posted: 05/07/02

First T3 Photo Appears Online
  The first official photo from "Terminator 3" has been posted by and while the picture doesn't quite deserve the "breathtaking image" moniker bestowed on it by the site, it does show Arnold in all his Terminator glory.
Posted: 04/25/02

Terminator 3: Nick Stahl Wins John Connor Sweepstakes
  The Hollywood Reporter says Nick Stahl ("In the Bedroom") has been cast as the 20-year-old John Conner in "Terminator 3." Edward Furlong, who played the 10-year-old version of Connor in "T2," dropped out of the production in December.

Stahl will join Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Kristanna Loken (the new "bad" Terminator).

"Terminator 3" begins filming April 15 in Los Angeles.
Posted: 03/25/02

Terminator 3 Getting a Sex Change?
  For months it's been assumed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's challenger in "Terminator 3" will be a female Terminator, but a recent article from USA Today suggests that the aggressive fembot might be rewritten as a benevolent buddy instead of a nefarious nemesis. The article also says that director Jonathan Mostow and screenwriter Tedi Sarafian are leaning toward a male "villainous robot" to battle Arnie's T-800. One name mentioned for this character is Vin Diesel ("Pitch Black"), but I contend that Abe Vigoda or Ed Asner would make a far scarier foe.
Posted: 05/20/01

U-571 Director Gunning for Terminator 3
  Variety says Jonathan Mostow, the director of surprisingly-good films like "Breakdown" and "U-571," is in talks to direct the third "Terminator." If a deal is finalized, "Terminator 3" will probably go into production once the looming actor's strike is ironed out.

Mostow has a talent for crafting tight thrillers, so his involvement with "Terminator" could lead to a leaner, smarter addition to the franchise. Also notable are Mostow's screenwriting credits for "Breakdown" and U-571." Neither film is soiled by the godawful cliched dialogue often employed by former "Terminator" director James Cameron.

Previous directors rumored for "T3" include Ridley Scott ("Gladiator," "Hannibal"), David Fincher ("Fight Club"), and John McTiernan ("Die Hard").
Posted: 03/28/01

La Femme Terminator
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Visitors to Filmfodder's La Femme Nikita section will find the latest "Terminator 3" news of particular interest. According to a report at Dark Horizons "Nikita" star Peta Wilson is in the running to play "T3's" female terminator. This news comes straight from the muscled mandible of Arnold Schwarzenegger (so says the report), who dropped Wilson's name during a radio interview. Previous rumors named Famke Janssen ("X-Men") as the evil Terminator, but Wilson's "Nikita" reputation and legion of dedicated fans could push her to the front of the pack.
Posted: 01/03/01

Wanted: Terminator 3 Director, Villain
  The Web is teeming with rumors about "Terminator 3" and most of the conjecture is centering on two people: the villain and the director.

The Villain: Earlier this month, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that "T3's" villain will be a woman. Since then, an odd collection of names has surfaced in connection with this role: Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from "The Matrix"), WWF star Chyna (eh?), Natasha Henstridge ("Species"), and Famke Janssen ("X-Men"). If the rumors about Carrie-Anne Moss could be believed she would be the clear frontrunner, but Moss' schedule is already filled with the two "Matrix" sequels, so it's highly unlikely she'll find time to pound Arnie's hide in "T3."

Janssen's name is the most recent addition to the list and it's also the most valid because it emerged from a legitimate publication (Variety) as opposed to a random movie site run by a bunch of smartassed film geeks (ahem).

Casting Janssen would make sense. Her first significant role was in the 1995 Bond film "Goldeneye," where she played human Thighmaster Xenia Onatopp. For most of the last five years she's been hacking her way through mediocre fare like "Rounders" and "Deep Rising," but earlier this year she upped her notoriety by playing Jean Grey in "X-Men." Now that she's associated with "X-Men" it would be relatively easy to translate her action appeal to the "Terminator" franchise.

The Director: Variety is also reporting that John McTiernan ("Die Hard") might have an interest in directing "T3." Previously, David Fincher ("Fight Club") and Ridley Scott ("Gladiator") had been suggested as replacements for the departed James Cameron, but both helmers appear to be circling other projects. McTiernan just completed work on "Rollerball" so his open schedule might mesh with "T3's" spring start date.

McTiernan's reputation as the director of smart action movies could do wonders for the third "Terminator." The last thing the series needs is a director who will try to copy Cameron — a facsimile is never as good as the original (even if the original is bloated with ego). McTiernan's action track record gives him the clout necessary to make changes.

Of course, all the changes in the world won't save McTiernan if he revisits the horror of his first Schwarzenegger collaboration: "The Last Action Hero."

Related: McTiernan Profile

Posted: 11/30/00

Terminator 3 News: Female Terminator Confirmed
  The New York Post, known for its screaming headlines and fervent dedication to tabloid journalism, has done the impossible by reporting something of real substance (from a movie perspective at least). An interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms that Arnie's enemy in the next "Terminator" movie will definitely be female. Always the optimist, Schwarzenegger gushes about his as-yet-uncast nemesis: "She can disappear, she can mold into someone else, and she is sometimes just an energy," he says. An energy? Is she a Powerbar? Unfortunately, the interview doesn't shed any light on "T3's" director or co-stars. As it currently stands, Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong are the only returning cast members.
Posted: 11/16/00

Terminator 3's Titillating Tidbits
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After a month of inactivity, "Terminator 3" news is finally surfacing. Earlier this week, the L.A. Times reported that "T3" will begin filming in March. Unfortunately, the March start date will pit this project against next summer's looming SAG strike, so there's a good chance it'll be pushed back.

The L.A. Times piece also says that Arnie's Terminator adversary will be female, which is a theory that's been making the rounds for a while now. However, the Times story didn't cite a source for this information (as Coming Attractions wisely notes), so there's a chance it might be false. Bottom line: Spread this information with caution for it may bite you on the butt.

If news reports from major metropolitan newspapers aren't enough for you, drop by Ain't It Cool News to read a "T3" script review. Be warned! Significant spoilers lie within the critique. If you don't want to know that Sarah Conner is actually a Cyborg do not read the review. That was a joke. Stop hyperventillating.

In casting news, TV Guide Online says Edward Furlong (the little John Connor in "T2") is in talks to reprise his role as the resistance leader in the next film. If Furlong signs on, he and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the only confirmed cast members. Earlier this year, Linda Hamilton said she wouldn't join "T3" unless her ex-husband James Cameron is involved. As of this writing, Cameron has expressed no interest in joining the production, so Hamilton's return appears to be in doubt. But here's an interesting twist; an August report from Coming Attractions says that Hamilton's identical twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren, might take the Sarah Conner role. Note to Ms. Gearren: Hit the gym.

The biggest question surrounding "T3" is the director. With Cameron almost definitely out, says that Ridley Scott ("Gladiator"), David Fincher ("Fight Club"), Roland Emmerich ("The Patriot"), and Christian Duguay ("The Art of War") are all in the running.
Posted: 10/13/00

Linda Hamilton's "T3" Future Hinges on Cameron's Involvement
  This curious item was buried in a "celebrity" blurb at the IMDb today, but it has significant implications for the third "Terminator" film. Linda Hamilton says that she will only involve herself with "T3" if her ex-husband, James "Ego" Cameron, is directing. From an amicable divorce standpoint this is a lovely idea, but there's little chance it'll happen because Cameron has disassociated himself from the project.
Posted: 9/19/00

Ridley Scott Rumored as "T3" Director
  Jeffrey Wells, a columnist at, writes that Ridley Scott may have already been picked to direct "Terminator 3." With James Cameron removing himself from the project last week, recent director conjecture has often included Scott. However, given the popularity of this sequel, I'm surprised more outlets haven't picked it up, especially since Scott himself may have verified the rumor in an interview with a British documentarian. According to Wells' source, Scott confirmed his involvement in "T3" during an interview for a "Blade Runner" documentary. This is the same documentary in which Scott revealed that Harrison Ford's character is a replicant—a revelation that single-handedly sucks all the fun out of a classic sci-fi debate. Lame revelations aside, if Scott is indeed attached to "T3" he will likely turn to cyborg matters after he finishes "Hannibal." Thanks to Korey for bringing this tidbit to light.
Posted: 7/20/00

New Terminator Will Have Two X Chromosomes
  Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to a third "Terminator" film the news just keeps rollin' in. The Hollywood Reporter says Arnie's nemesis in the upcoming sequel might be a female Terminator. Not a bad idea at all, but wouldn't it be interesting if the new fembot had a strong resemblance to Linda Hamilton? While you scoff and sputter and the preposterousness of my suggestion, consider this item from Studio Briefing: Self-proclaimed "King of the World" James Cameron will NOT be involved in "T3." Hamilton might warm to the idea of joining "T3" now that her ex-husband (Cameron) is out of the way. But enough of this relationship rubbish, with Cameron gone Terminator fans are desperate to know who will direct the franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott, David Fincher and Roland Emmerich are among those being considered. My vote goes to Fincher—the man behind "Se7en," "The Game," and "Fight Club" could have a lot of fun with a violent cyborg.
Posted: 7/12/00

Schwarzenegger on Terminator 3: "I'll Return Promptly"
  Maybe it was the lackluster reception of "End of Days." Maybe it was a guilt complex developed after that poor showing in "Batman & Robin." Maybe it's just a very strong desire to make a heaping pile of money. Whatever the reason, reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to chug the badass juice one more time in "Terminator 3." Over the last year Arnold has adamently refused to jump on the "T3" bandwagon unless Big Jimmy Cameron is involved. Seeing as Cameron has been against the idea of another sequel, this project appeared to have the liveliness of a boiled lobster. But resurrection has touched the cyborg and now Arnold is telling "Access Hollywood" (that bastion of lukewarm entertainment journalism) that Cameron will definitely produce "T3" and he may decide to direct. As long as Cameron stays away from the script and promises to never, ever, claim to be "king of the world" again, we're down with this movie.
Posted: 6/21/00