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Review: The Alamo
  • The Alamo (Grade: B) — "The Alamo" has deep flaws, but director John Lee Hancock does an admirable job mixing history, legend and drama. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 04/11/04

  • Billy Bob Thornton Gets Even More Country
      Variety says Billy Bob Thornton is in negotiations for the role of Davy Crockett in "The Alamo." This movie has been in the news constantly, mainly because of the controversy of who would direct. Veteran Ron Howard was originally set to direct but his insistence on an R-rating and a $125 million budget didn't jive with Disney. The studio, in turn, handed the reigns over to John Lee Hancock, director of the surprise hit "The Rookie."

    Ethan Hawke is being pursued for the role of William Travis, one of the main characters in this ensemble cast. Disney is also "reapproaching" Russell Crowe to play Sam Houston. Crowe pulled out of the film when his "A Beautiful Mind" partner Howard exited.

    "The Alamo" is tentatively slated for release in the winter of 2003. -- John Wesley
    Posted: 10/04/02

    Director Showdown at The Alamo
      The battle for "The Alamo" is raging. Earlier this week Variety reported that "Alamo" production delays prompted director Ron Howard to turn his attention to other projects. In response, Disney quickly hired John Lee Hancock ("The Rookie") to rewrite and direct the big-budget epic. But now, Variety's Michael Fleming says Howard is again flirting with the film and is working with Oscar-winning writer Stephen Gaghan ("Traffic") on the script. Further complicating matters is Howard's connection with Russell Crowe, who is slotted to take a role in the film but will likely appear only if Howard is at the helm.

    All of this puts Disney in a quandary. Does the studio bend to Howard's concessions (he's pushing for an R-rating) or stick with the lesser-known, Oscar-less Hancock as director?
    Posted: 07/11/02

    Traffic Writer Takes on The Alamo
      Screenwriter Stephen Gaghan has been handed the keys to "The Alamo." Variety says the Oscar-winning "Traffic" scribe will rewrite the script for Ron Howard's upcoming historical epic. Casting has yet to begin, but it's expected that Russell Crowe will reteam with his "Beautiful Mind" director in some capacity--whether it's a starring slot or smaller role remains to be seen.

    Filming on "The Alamo" is tentatively scheduled for December.
    Posted: 06/28/02

    Ron Howard Preps The Alamo
      Variety (via Coming Soon) reports that director Ron Howard is scouting locations in Texas for "The Alamo." Howard says the film, tentatively scheduled for a 2003 release, will tackle the "complexities" of the now-mythical characters. Jim Bowie's slave trading and Davy Crockett's "political incorrectness" (whatever that is) will be dealt with.

    Writer/director John Sayles ("Limbo," "Lone Star") is writing the script. Stars have not been announced, but given this picture's big-budget status, expect an ensemble of A-list talent.
    Posted: 03/20/02