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What's All This? Wallace and Gromit Get Feature Treatment
  Ananova reports that Wallace and Gromit, the brilliant claymation creations of Nick Park and Aardman Animations, are coming to the big screen in a feature-length film. Until now, Wallace and Gromit have only appeared in short films, but the success of Aardman's "Chicken Run" is ample proof that Aardman's animation can work in long stretches.

Unfortunately, it's going to be a while before Wallace and Gromit grace the cineplex. An Aardman spokesmen tells Ananova the feature is expected to be released in three years. For most films three years would be an inordinate amount of production time, but most films don't have to stop every second to position each performer (unless it's a Keanu Reeves flick). "Chicken Run" took five years from initial conception to finished product, so maybe three years isn't so bad.
Posted: 03/20/01