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Review: X2
  • X2: X-Men United (Grade: A) — Armed with a bigger budget and a broader canvas, director Bryan Singer unleashes an intense sequel that one-ups its predecessor. Reviewed by Brian Orndorf.
    Posted: 05/03/03

  • Kelly Hu Spreads Villainy in X-Men 2
      Kelly Hu ("The Scorpion King") will play an evil mutant with human emotions in "X-Men 2," says The Hollywood Reporter. Unlike Wolverine, or Magneto, or even Jean Grey, Hu's character simply goes by Anne, which is kinda lame considering she's a mutant and all. Boring monikers aside, Anne acts as a sidekick to the film's uncast uber-villain.

    Speaking of the lead villain, the Reporter says his name is Striker, which seems to confirm rumors that the chief bad guy will be a human named William Stryker (Why the different spelling? Who knows?). The character wasn't part of the regular comics, having only appeared in the 1982 "X-Men" graphic novel "God Loves, Man Kills."
    Posted: 06/04/02

    Alan Cumming Joins X-Men
      With production on "X-Men 2" set to begin June 12, final casting is in the home stretch. The latest addition is Alan Cumming ("The Anniversary Party") who's signed on to play the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler, says Variety. Cumming's involvement contradicts earlier reports that said Ethan Embry ("Can't Hardly Wait") was the Nightcrawler frontrunner.

    You can find more comic-to-film news in our comics section.
    Posted: 05/30/02

    Newcomer is X-Men's Firestarter
      Aaron Stanford (TV's "Third Watch") has landed the role of Pyro in "X-Men 2" says The Hollywood Reporter. The character is described as a young mutant who becomes involved in the X-Men's exploits. Hmm, I wonder what his power will be?

    "X-Men 2" premieres May 2, 2003.
    Posted: 05/28/02

    X-Men 2 Slated for November 2002
      Ananova says the sequel to "X-Men" will likely premiere in November 2002.

    The news originated from Comics Continuum, which quoted Marvel executive producer Avi Arad. "In 2002, you start the year with Spider-Man in May and you have X-Men in November. In between, there will be other movies," Arad said.

    Arad didn't elaborate on those "other" movies.
    Posted: 05/08/01

    Mutant War Coming in X-Men 2?
      In an interview with SFX Magazine (by way of The Z Review), "X-Men" director Bryan Singer says the sequel may focus on a war between good mutants, bad mutants, and unfortunate humans stupid enough to appear in mutant crossfire. Singer also says further exploration of characters like Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Xavier (Patrick Stewart) could take place.

    These plot points are relayed in the conditional because Singer is still mulling ideas for "X-Men 2." This war business and character development could be discarded for something completely different — like a mutant period piece set in the rolling hills of England or even hardcore mutant porn.

    Singer has freedom to explore different aspects of the "X-Men" because he envisions the franchise as more than a trilogy. "I'm thinking of it in terms of a universe, like the comic," Singer is quoted. "It has room for expansion if it's cared for and nurtured properly." Twenty years from now we won't be debating who should play the next James Bond, we'll be fighting over the next Wolverine.
    Posted: 03/28/01

    Bryan Singer Confirmed for X-Men 2
      Empire Online has confirmed that Bryan Singer will return as director for "X-Men 2." Singer tells Empire filming will begin in late 2001 and all of the original players from "X-Men" are expected to return. If production wraps in February or March 2002 it's possible "X-Men 2" could be in theatres as early as summer 2002.

    The film's release will hinge on the outcome of this summer's proposed actor's strike, which is a subject Singer knows well. The director's next project was supposed to be "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" but the film has been moved to a post-strike start date because of financing problems.

    On the plus side, Singer will have more time to concentrate on "X-Men 2." The first "X-Men" grossed $157 million in the U.S., so Fox will probably loosen its grip on the purse strings for the sequel. Rumors abound that more characters will be introduced, but expanding the cast list shouldn't come at the expense of character development. The biggest fault of "X-Men" was its limited look at the genesis of its protagonists.
    Posted: 02/20/01

    X-Men 2: Paquin and Singer Ready to Roll
      Bryan Singer took "X-Men's" measly budget and made what was arguably the best comic book adaptation ever. Now, thanks to all the X-Fans who tore up theater seats with adamantium-induced fury, Singer will have a whole lot more money to work with for round two of the X-Men saga, reports Comics Continuum.

    Does a bigger budget mean characters like Beast, Nightcrawler, Proteus, and Gambit will appear in the sequel? At one time, Jon Favreau ("Swingers") thought he might look good in Beast's blue fur and Jean Claude Van Damme threw his card into Gambit's Ragin' Cajun lottery not long ago. After "Universal Soldier: The Return," Van Damme should be happy to play Gambit's stunt double. These new characters will be additions, not replacements, because all of the major players from "X-Men" are signed for the sequel.

    In other "X-Men 2" news, bountiful beauty and resident "Almost Famous" deflowerer Anna Paquin has told the Toronto Sun she considers herself signed for the sequel and wants to be back in Rogue's shoes learning to fly and draining the life force of anyone she touches. If she needs practice I'll gladly volunteer. — Chris McOuat
    Posted: 11/23/00