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'Comic Book Challenge' From Platinum Studios!

Comic book publisher Platinum Studios and NBC San Diego are working together to issue a 'challenge' to struggling comic book creaotrs.

From the official press release:

New and unpublished comic book creators can submit their ideas online at through July 5, 2006. On July 20 the top 50 semi-finalists will pitch their concepts live to a panel of industry insiders. The judges on the panel include Gale Anne Hurd, producer of over 25 movies including "The Terminator" features and "Armageddon," Marc Silvestri, founder and chief executive officer of Top Cow Comics, and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios and founder of Malibu Comics, where he discovered and developed "Men In Black" into a billion dollar entertainment franchise. "Men in Black" itself was written by a previously unpublished comic book creator, highlighting Rosenberg's belief in new talent.

I've entered myself and I can say it is the easiest contest I've ever entered. YOu go to the site and type in your information. Then all you need is an idea for a comic and ONE PAGE of art and you're all set. So what happens next? Take a look at the press release again:

The top three finalists will appear on NBC 7/39's "Streetside San Diego with Kimberly King" on July 21st to pitch their comic vision. Comic book fans will be invited, starting midnight on Thursday July 20th, to vote on their favorite of the three finalists at Voting will be open from Thursday night until midnight on Sunday July 24. The winner's comic book concept will be published by Platinum Studios and premiere in print in March of 2007. In addition, Platinum Studios will work with the creator to develop the property for film and television. Characters from Platinum Studios' intellectual property library of more than 3,800 characters have appeared in over a billion comics, and have been included in film and entertainment deals with Disney, MGM, Sony, Universal, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Lions Gate, NBC and Showtime, including upcoming Sci-fi epic "UNIQUE" at Disney and tentpole "COWBOYS & ALIENS" at Sony.

Basically this mean, after you submit your idea and one page of work you'll sit and wait all through July until they contact you to fly out to San Diego and pitch your idea. Then online voting will determine the winner who will have their book published by Platinum Studios. This is an excellent opportunity should you win and the requirements to enter the challenge are simple enough that you won't feel like you've wasted your life if you don't win.

Good luck. Feel free to post in the comments below if you want any help writing a summary for your anything else you think of saying to me.