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Captain America Goes to the DCU

Last week Shawn wrote a column about Batman uprooting into the Marvel U. I, along with some other posters enjoyed this blog entry which got the wheels in my dome piece a'spinnin'. Shawn asked which characters should cross over into the DCU?

The first candidate that popped into my head was Wolverine, which would be a juxtaposition to the existing DC status quo. However, the premise of Shawn's article wasn't who'd be the biggest contrast into an existing universe, but which character would best naturally slide into a universe, the answer is obvious: Captain America.

Now, Cap's inclusion into the DCU would be greatly helped by the Post Infinite Crisis, One Year Later continuity that has streamlined and restarted (to an extent) DC's continuity, again. With this in mind, I'm giving myself creative license to re write some DC continuity to help my theory. As was Shawn's article, this isn't an "Amalgam-ization" of the universe (combining characters and histories) this is supplanting Captain America, his cast (including villains) and their histories into the DCU (so basically Jason Todd wasn't Bucky. The Winter Soldier isn't the Red Hood).

Here's how I see it: In the darkest days of World War II a young man from Metropolis's Suicide Slum neighborhood is outraged by a newsreel account of Nazi misdeeds in Europe. This man, Steve Rogers, tries to enlist in the Army to do his best for his country. Frail and sickly, Steve is rejected from the draft. The youth is visibly disappointed by not having the chance to fight for his country when he crosses paths with a high-ranking General who sees, in Steve, both potential and opportunity. Steve is recruited to take place in Operation: Rebirth, a project designed to create a new platoon of "Super Soldiers" to defend our shores.

A quick digression: I understood most of Infinite Crisis, however, like most of the comic reading populace, I'm a little confused by the new timeline's status quo concerning Superman. Is he still the FIRST superhero? Or did he just surface some 10 years ago? As of now the answer seems to be, uh, both. I suspect this will be explained in the back ups in 52. For the sake of simplicity and my sanity (and yours), I'm going to keep the explanation post-Crisis (as opposed to post-Infinite Crisis. Hot damn this is a complicated hobby) that Supes debuted roughly ten years ago. So, that said, according to my new made-up Captain America in the DCU continuity: Captain America will now predate Superman by some 40 to 50 years.

Anyway…we all know the rest about how Abraham Erskine, for whatever reason, only had the Serum dedicated to his memory (versus, you know, writing it down) and how moments after frail Steve was transformed into physical perfection Erskine was killed by a dirty Nazi spy leaving Steve Rogers the lone super soldier, thus Captain America is born.

Cap went on the lead the Justice Society of America in fighting the Axis powers and various other evils during the 40's. He also had many team-ups and a long lasting friendship with Sgt. Rock and Easy Company. Nearing the end of WW2 though, Cap and his young partner Bucky are lost in action and presumed to be dead after an airplane explosion.

Years later, the frozen body of Captain America is washed up in stasis off the coast of Happy Harbor, RI, were it is discovered by the Justice League of America, a team inspired by, and continuing the legacy of Cap's WW2 team, the Justice Society of America.

Cap quickly befriends and joins the team, serving along with it's founding roster of Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman (who I assume is back as a founder), and the Martian Manhunter (working off the idea that Batman is in the Marvel Universe). Also Cap has a very strong, sometimes antagonistic, friendship with Green Arrow, who's radical liberal tendencies sometimes clash with Cap's old fashioned, simplistic view of the new world.

Meanwhile, not long after Cap is revived his, the JLA's and Superman's arch enemy, Lex Luthor begins work on reviving another WW2 relic, in the form of potential ally, the Red Skull. Steve also begins a long working relationship with espionage organization Checkmate.

Where else can this storyline lead? Could he have a romantic relationship with Wonder Woman? Will Bucky return to life because Superboy Prime punched the walls of reality (or something) and take on the identity of the Winter Soldier? How would Cap handle Lex Luthor becoming President? By temporarily giving up becoming Cap and taking on the mantle of Nomad? How about Max Lord's dismantling of Checkmate for his evil purposes leading into Infinite Crisis. What happens to Captain America One Year Later?

As with Bats in the Marvel U, we'd love to hear your views and ideas on this subject.

Personally I think that Cap would clash with Ra's Al Gul a whole lot. I mean Ra's is basically a terrorist.

-- Posted by: prayerrun at December 2, 2006 9:01 PM