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DC vs Marvel: Clash Of The Corporations

The Washington Post did and excellent piece on every comic book fans favorite heated topic, DC or Marvel? In this thoroughly written, if slightly cynical, story details the timeless debate of fanboys around the world, interviewing key players on both sides of the corporate battlefield.

The writer sums up the differences between the two companies with a series of humorous comparisons that are accurate and amusing.

From the article:

DC was about younger kids in back yards, wearing bath towel capes, leaping from treehouses.

Marvel was about older kids in basements, possibly stoned, deconstructing Thor.

DC invented places to go -- Metropolis, Gotham City, Paradise Island.

In the Marvel universe, New York is New York, and it's nothing but trouble.

DC: It was always the Fourth of July.

Marvel: It was always Halloween.

DC: Comic books are a wonderful escape.

Marvel: Comic books are a dark refuge.

Go read the article and come ack so we can talk about it. It's HERE.

Although Batman is my favorite character, I enjoy the Marvel Universe as a whole on a much deeper level (that said, I want it know that I believe Batman is one of the few DC characters who could show up in the Marvel Universe and fit right in without much adjustment to the character...but that's a different column all together). Marvel appeals to me in all the ways described in that article. The DC universe was a place to go play and have a good time. No one ever got hurt. There was no angst or tension because it was all make believe but not in Marvel.

Marvel had a problem with Mutants and hate crimes. Marvel had a young girl accidentally killed when her superhero boyfriend tried to save her life. Marvel had four people in space radically changed by comic rays crashing back on Earth and become the worlds first super-family and it all took place in real locations. Marvel had a nerdy scientist that turned into a giant monosyllabic green monster when he got angry. There was no Metropolis, no Keystone City and no Gotham. Worse than Gotham was Marvel's New York City, a place crawling with criminals of the super powered and non-super powered variety. Even with some of Marvel's greatest heroes living in the city (the freaking Avengers AND the Fantastic Four) New York City in the Marvel Universe is a scary place.

You know what? Despite all that I would give my left eye and a pair of tickets to see a sold-out, last night ever, concert for the Beastie Boys to live in Marvel's New York for just one day. Like Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid, I would give whatever I had to in order to be part of that world. That's right I just compared myself to a Disney Princess but I'm not ashamed. If I can't speak my mind without hesitation on my own comic blog, then where can I?

Where was I? Oh, right, Marvel vs DC. Which do you prefer to read? Which do you associate with the most? Which universe would you MOST want to live in?

Answers people. This is what the comments are for. Let's hear it.

-Shawn D.
(Under the Sea)