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Four Reasons I Love Comics (and You Should Too)

I’ve randomly come up with FOUR things I love about comic books. My hope is that non-comic book fans will read this and want to go out and pick up a comic book or even make their own. Failing that, I would hope this list triggers fanboy conversations on message boards and blogs across the internet, which leads to people adding to the list, which eventually becomes a bestselling book about comic books, which gets developed into an hour-long talk show about comics at NBC…
or ABC…
but not CBS….
never CBS…


Now the list:

1. Comics are like TV.

It's true! Don’t believe me? Come with me now down bullet point trail as we make blog history as the first blog to ever have bullet points inside a list….

Comic Fodder proudly presents the list within a list: How Comics Are Like TV!

• In television different writers, directors and a production crew will work together to bring their creation to the small screen

• Comics work the same way only instead of a director and his crew you get only an artist and a writer.

• Both formats lend themselves to small, short stories (a self-contained 22-page comic or a self-contained 45-minute TV show).

• A comic book can have long, slowly developing plot threads that dangle and tease over the course of several smaller stories.

• TV shows are written in sets of 22-24 episodes a season. Over that time writers will often introduce multiple plot lines that span the course of the season.

• Comic books such as Marvel’s Runaway’s and Astonishing X-Men as well as the Vertigo series Sleeper have been written in 12 issue “seasons”.

• Although you never get repeats in comics you are liable to get fill-in issues which can sometimes be much worse.

2. Comic book art has evolved.

Comics have come a long way since their creation and comic book artists have evolved with the medium. There are many brilliant artists working in comics today, trying new art styles and inventing new ways making the art as original and unique as the stories they accompany. Some good examples of uncommon art can be found in the following books: KABUKI (writer/artist David Mack), PROMETHEA (written by Alan Moore and art by: J.H. Williams III) and anything by Bill Sienkiewicz.

3. Comics have super heroes.

Fact: super heroes are awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be able to fly or lift cars over their heads or shoot webs or be the worlds greatest detective? Super heroes are the modern Gods, like the Greek Gods each has a special ability granting him or her tremendous amounts of power. Everybody loves a God!

Except for Devil worshippers... but that's what the super VILLIANS are for.

Super villians are for Devil worshippers.

Welcome to Comic Fodder.

4. Comics are D.I.Y.

Do It Yourself. Anyone can make a comic book. All you need is a story and some pictures to go along with it, everything else is negotiable. There are not too many other forms of entertainment that you can do by yourself. Thanks to the rapid growth of computer technology making music is getting easier for people to produce all the time but it still isn’t as simple as making a comic. Try this: get a piece of notebook paper, fold it in half from top to bottom, turn the paper so that the fold is on the left, you now have a two page comic book plus front and back cover. Make a couple more of those, get a stapler and bind them all together and you have a six page comic. You see, it’s easy. Now fill it in with panels, characters, and words and you’re done. If Bendis can do it so can you!

So there you have it. Personally, I hope the talk show thing comes to fruition because I need new shoes and kids are expensive. I’ll settle for some comments down below and a couple of clicks on the advertisers.

Reviews tomorrow with my alcoholic associate. Sorry for the late update….night.