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Fun Format Friday....on MONDAY!

Slow news day so far today. Since we did reviews on Friday instead of my bulleted news roundup we’ll do that today.

-The biggest story I’ve been able to find is the death of Superman Returns. It seems not only did that movie fail to make even a fraction of it’s $200 million dollar budget but in just one weekend Pirates of the Caribbean 2 has made enough money to make a Superman sequel. This makes me laugh and cry all at once. I’m awash with emotions for both production teams; on the one hand I feel really bad for the Superman guys. These poor bastards were so excited about their new Superman movie they put a lot of time and care into this film and even though people seemed excited to see it those first few days it’s been critically slammed since its release. Critics opinions usually don’t matter to a big summer blockbuster, what usually happens is the film makes a ridiculous sum of money and the producers laugh at the bad reviews on a bed of money, this won’t be the case with Superman Returns. I’m sorry Bryan Singer, I like your movie, I didn’t see Pirates 2 yet but I’m sure there’s nothing as cool as seeing Superman hold a space shuttle over his head in the middle of that stadium.

-What happened to Joe Friday over on Newsarama? I’ve actually been unhappy with the recent Joe Friday’s but it gives me something to do on my slow Friday afternoons, wasting away those last few hours of the work-week so it was noticeably absent this past Friday. For those who don’t know the “Joe” of Joe Friday’s is Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. Mr. Quesada sits down once a week with Matt Brady from Newsarama to chat about current Marvel Comics events and to answer fan-asked questions. I’ll try to remember to link to the column this Friday (if it’s up) and maybe we’ll discuss it over the weekend or possibly next Monday.

-I’m still working on my “How To…” that I’ll be posting. This will be an extensive look at how my company, the Vicious Circle Project, makes our comics from writing to the finished product. I’ll be trying to go into as much detail as I can on every aspect of making your own comics, due to the level of detail I’m trying to include in this project it will take me a while to get them posted. What I’ll probably do is write the first few parts to give myself a head start before I start posting them up here, this way there won’t be too many big gaps in the flow of information. I don’t want to become known as the Bryan Hitch of Internet columns.

That’s all for now. This is the week before the biggest convention of the year, San Diego Comic Con. Typically that means most comic news will be held until the Con so you can rest assured the week after the con we’ll be busy as hell trying to bring you all the news fit for print from the panels and convention floor. Of course, later this week, Drunken Dave will be back to review his pick-ups from this Wednesday’s new comics.

Mazel Tov everyone,