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Heroes Con 06 Coverage

Newsarama has some excellent, in depth coverage of all the goings on at Heroes Con in North Carolina this weekend. If you want to read about every moment, follow the link to NEWSARAMA.

Below are the highlights:

DC Comics Panel:

- Hosted by Dan Didio, and with Greg Rucka, Jann Jones, and cover artist J.G. Jones as panelists.

- Much time was spent talking about the brilliance of Grant Morrison. Something we here at Comic Fodder have always acknowledged. As Rucka explained, he feels that Morrison is truly a genius, and shows this by being able to see things just a little differently than everyone else, and has ideas and ideas and ideas that allow him to come at things from a different perspective and approach.

- When asked who decided to make All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman such a "bastard", Dan Didio had this to say, “I’ll tell you what went into it – it was Frank Miller’s decision. You don’t like it, you call him and tell him.”

- Some interesting information about the creation of Gotham Central and the current status of the book; asked if there was a chance that Gotham Central would return, Rucka said that while that particular series wouldn’t return, there is a good chance that something with a similar feel of Central, showing the DCU form the ground up would be appearing sometime. Later, Rucka noted that Gotham Central began life as a pitch for Jim Gordon solo series.

- Asked about their take on downloading comics digitally via bit torrent or other applications, Didio said he feels that comics have a safer zone than other media, and that, due to the collectibility involved in the hobby, they will be more resilient to the financial damages seen in other media that is illegally downloaded. Rucka mused that it may be helping the industry, as more people are able to sample the comics to see if they want to pick them up monthly or as trades. (Remember this answer....this same question was asked to Marvel Comics and a VERY different response was given.)

- Zauriel, who will be appearing in 52, will also get a one shot at the beginning of next year. This character had his moment to shine when he was part of Morrison's Justice League of America line-up, I wonder if Morrison will be revisiting the character and writing the one-shot.

Marvel Comics Panel:

- The panel included Daniel Way, CB Cebulski, Chris Gage, Paul Jenkins, J. Michael Straczynski, and Editor in Chief Joe Quesada.

- Quesada hinted that there will be new projects spinning out of the current Annihilation event, and said that a Nova project down the road is a possibility. Let's hope they don't get Erik Larson to write the new Nova series again.

- The Winter Soldier will be returning, according to Quesada, in Civil War related stories.

- When asked about comic book download Quesada had this to say: “This is how we earn our living,” Quesada said, speaking as a creator. “Fans are constantly crying about creator’s rights, and making sure that publisher’s treating creators well, and that we, as an industry make sure to treat older creators well, but at the same time, we have fan who download comics. Want to respect creators’ rights? Do the right thing, and don’t download comics.”
(I wonder if the difference in viewpoints is a reflection of each company’s financial status...)

- Here's a bit of information I find HIGHLY much so I might do a column just speculation on this:
Asked if it was a coincidence that the main scientists of the Marvel Universe were on the pro-registration side, Quesada said that nothing shown in Civil War is coincidental, and the fact that virtually all of Marvel’s scientists have taken one side of the debate is leading towards something.

Seems like an eventful convention from the accounts I've heard and read. I'll have to put this on the list of cons to make it to next year.