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Light Shed on Some Comic-Con Mysteries

From Rich Johnston's column Lying in the Gutters

Look for a "Foolkiller" book to be announced at WizardWorld Chicago.

Oh's as if all the books I want to write for Marvel are being written. If this rumor is true I'll be very excited to hear who the creative team are, unless the creative team has Daniel Way on it. Nothing against Way as a person (he was super nice a bunch of years back when I first met him at the San Diego Comic Con) I'm just not sold on his writing. Even his Wolverine series seems to be missing something. His work just lacks a certain energy...I'm having a hard time figuring out just what is wrong...but I know there's something that he's my mind anyway.

New Marvel series, "The Loners." Who are they? They're the Excelsior team from "Runaways." Why are they not called "Excelsior?" Because Stan Lee owns the trademark on that.

Vaughn's Excelsior teams gets their own title but with a name change. The name change doesn't bother me, but I am curious what the direction of this book will turn out to be. I liked the idea of the team in the pages of The Runaway's where they first appeared but I don't know if they warrant their own title. If Vaughn is writing this book I'll give it more of a chance to impress me than if someone else is trying to run with Vaughn's idea.

From Newsarama

As announced at one of DC's Comic-Con panels DC and Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Home Video are looking to enter the direct to video marketplace, with three upcoming animated movies: New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Superman/Doomsday, and The New Frontier.

Aside from the stellar selection of titles to launch this new venture DC and the WB have tapped animation veteran and Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm to oversee all aspects of these animated DVD releases. This is THE most exciting announcement to find it's way out of the cultural overload that was the SDCC. Kudos to DC for beginning their animated DVD library with a few classics and some new material instead of going the Marvel route and tapping into recent successes (yes, I'm talking about the Ultimates).

All very cool news; the DC DVD's being the coolest of the batch. Johnston promised more SDCC gossip in next Monday's column so if he's good to his word I'll be posting more rumors next week. Until then please use the comments below to discuss any of the above items.... including what OTHER DC stories you'd love to see get the animated movie treatment.