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Mark Millar Has BIG PLANS for the DCU

I'm taking this directly from the Blog@Newsarama piece that was filed today. In it, snippets of a thread Millar started on his Millarworld message board bring up some pretty interesting ideas.

Here's what Millar posted:

Just back from my hols and had some mad notions. I woke up two nights ago and thought of something as big and as simple as Civil War for the DCU and spent two hours during the night writing it all down.

I’m obviously not going into details, but this is so bloody simple, screws with nobody, could be explained to a 4 year old and would ramp up DC’s sales as much my little Civil War book is working for Marvel. It would spin off into me doing Superman with Hitchy and JLA with McNiven and I worked out a cracking line-up of creator pals for all the other books this would influence. I said I was only doing a Marvel crossover if they let me rethink the whole MU and rejig a lot of books that needed a face-lift (some huge characters selling nothing for 5 years now). Similarly, I’d only do this if DC let me go the whole hog and, although I have a very good relationship with DC again, I’m under exclusive for almost 2 more years.

But these notes have been filed and this thing, if anything, will work BETTER a couple of years down the line. It’s incredibly exciting. I already had about 70 issues of Superman loosely worked out and a first eighteen months on JLA, but it all came together perfectly for me over the holidays. The end of the decade just got very exciting.

The Newsarama article goes on from there (read it HERE) but for our purposes this is all you need to read. yet...I don't doubt that he's telling the truth. Civil War is a brilliant concept that, much like Mark claims of his DCU idea, is so simple and obvious when you hear it you want to know why you didn't think of it first. So what does Mark Millar have in mind for the DCU? What do you think is DCU specific that could be as big and simple as Civil War?

I'm curious to see what you got.

ha, check this out: i like it better:

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I want some pictures

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