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Mark Millar On Superman Returns

A super-duper kickass article written by comic book writer, Mark Millar (The Authority, Marvel's Civil War) which can be read here:

My favorite bit:

Although I work for a big rival company , I’ve been warning everyone for two years that this movie will make a fortune internationally. Too many stars have aligned for it to be anything other than a huge success . America needs to feel good about itself again. Superman is unique in that he’s a pop culture icon loved by both red and blue states. Hell, he even wears those colours pretty evenly on his costume. Not liking Superman is akin to not liking apple pie or the Declaration Of Independence and that’s just unthinkable. At a time when the stars and stripes are associated with everything from an illegal war to Guantanamo Bay, Superman is a nice reminder that the American way wasn’t always something to be feared.

On a related note, I saw Superman Returns this Saturday in the IMAX Theater. It was a fantastic movie and held my rapt attention for it's entire 2+ hour runtime. My only complaint is that I'm tired of Lex Luthor. Let's hope the sequel has tougher villains for Superman to face. I don't want to watch him rescue any more planes or people trapped in cars; I want to see Superman take on a giant robot in downtown Metropolis...or at least the return of General Zod.