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New Webcomic Coming Monday and a Call To All Artists!

Comic Fodder and the Vicious Circle Project are proud to announce, starting Monday July 31, 2006, a weekly web comic will be appearing on Comic Fodder, written by Comic Fodder’s own Shawn DePasquale with art by the VCP’s Holland King. This is a proud moment for both companies as it gives the independent publisher, VCP, a chance to showcase some of their best creations and Comic Fodder the gets the ability to provide more exclusive content to our readers.

The weekly comic, Lawn Enforcement, will be presented every Monday, one page at a time until the entire story is told. Lawn Enforcement is an adventure-comedy about a group of landscapers who also battle mythical creature infestations. When they are hired to rid a country club golf course of the angry gnomes living beneath it the Lawn Enforcement crew find themselves in deep trouble and less one member with an angry gnome demon waiting to devour them. Originally published as a 48 page one-shot, Lawn Enforcement is the first of many one-shots from the creative team of DePasquale and King and will run 9 and ½ weeks here on Comic Fodder.

This will lead into Comic Fodder’s first original comic, still in development, Ali Galaxy also written by DePasquale with art provided by a yet-to-be-discovered up and coming artist. That is where YOU come in… we want to see your art and to help get your art seen by all the Comic Fodder readers. We’re looking for an artist to work on the book, which is a sci-fi adventure series in the vein of the 60’s classic comic book based film, Barbarella. We’re looking for someone to volunteer their time and talent to illustrate the first 22 pages of this ongoing adventure and while we can’t offer you any monetary payment the exposure your work will receive should be a high enough incentive for a few struggling artists to send in samples of their work for consideration.

Please keep all sample files under 1mb and email them to: