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NEWS BITES: Singer, Timm and Simone

While we eagerly await the first page of our very first web comic, "Lawn Enforcement," I would like to direct you to some interesting comic-related news and interviews I've found over the weekend.

First up there is a short but illuminating interview with "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer over on Newsarama. If you want to read it yourself check it out HERE. The best part of the interview was Singer's response to a question I've been asking myself since I left the theater after seeing Supe's Return. The question is this: Why did it feel like "Superman Returns" was treading the same (if not identical) ground as the first, Richard Donner directed "Superman" movie?

Singer's answer is complete and well thought out but not really satisfying. As such:

It takes you on the same journey that the original one did but as an adult which was quite intentional. Right down to him sinking in the water. It is not remaking the first one but I wanted to take the audience on the same kind of journey as the first one but with a mature guy who’s going through a dilemma that wasn’t in the first one. It’s in the marketing. I don’t know how to specifically qualify but it has to be understood how to present something that hasn’t been around for a while. The last Superman, "Superman IV," in its American release made 15 million dollars. It is still something new and it has to be launched on the flip side of the other movies of its ilk.

Yeah, I said.... seems like he's put some thought into the answer but the answer just doesn't do anything for me. Word has it the sequel will be big and bad and have awesome sci-fi elements. Superman might actually do something other than fly around, get weakened by kryptonite, get stronger and push Luthor down. I'm waiting for giant robots. Superman vs. the Giant Robots that look like Spiders.... that’s the title of the Superman movie I get to write.

Next up we take a little jaunt over to CBR where there is an excellent article on animator Bruce Timm. If you don't know, Timm was crucial in the development of "Batman: The Animated Series" in 1992 and the "Justice League Unlimited" cartoon which ended earlier this year.

The CBR article is a nice look at Timm's past and a positive look at his future. If you would like to read it for yourself please do so HERE.

My favorite quote from that article is about my favorite "Batman: The Animated Series" spin-off movie, "Return of the Joker":

Timm also produced animated Batman films including "Mask of the Phantasm" and the direct-to-video "Return of the Joker," leading Timm to remark, "I like Return of the Joker better. We were trying so hard to make 'Phantasm' dark, that it's kind of a downer; 'Return of the Joker' is one of the best things we've done."

Finally, also on CBR, there is a in depth look at comic book writer, Gail Simone. Personally I think Simone is the BEST working female writer in comics. This article is especially good because she talked about her start in comics (just like everyone in this industry, her "break-in" story is vastly different then her peers) and then touched on her thoughts and plans for all the books she's currently writing.

If you're not a fan of her work I urge you to read the article and then go out and track down some of her "Birds Of Prey" arcs or, even better, her "Deadpool" work for Marvel. You can read the article for yourself but even if you hate the article I STILL suggest you check out some of her work. Follow the hyperlink to the Gail Simone article HERE.

One more final plug before I go. Please check back today for the first part of "Lawn Enforcement"! You won't be disappointed.