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San Diego Comic-Con News Round-up: Day One

We’re beginning day two of the four day mega-event known as Comic-Con International: San Diego. Newsarama and Comic Book Resources are the two sites I recommend for the best coverage of all the goings-on this weekend. All the news I pull from the con I pull from those two sites. I bow before the greatness of their reporting and news scoopage. What I’ll do here is bring you my take on certain pieces of news, if you want the full story please go to HERE or HERE for full disclosure.


- As Amazing Spider-Man progresses, writer J. M. Straczynski said we will see Peter Parker seriously realize the mistake he made joining the pro-registration side of Civil War.
This is one of the most interesting aspects of Spider-Man in Civil War to me, getting to the realization that Parker is working against the things he’s always seemingly believed in. It will be interesting how this plays out, whether he comes to the realization on his own or is circumstances motivate a decision change.
- JMS also said, in talking about his run on the Fantastic Four, that Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) has been straddling the fence in regards to his position on hero registration but that he would soon be coming to a definitive conclusion….either that or, “…leave the country for France.”

Wow. I think JMS was only half-joking when he said that France comment. Interesting that Grimm is so conflicted in this matter, in fact, I think it’s curious that the FF were conflicted at all. They are and always have been publicly known so you would think registering with the government would be no problem but in light of The Human Torch’s beat down I can see where the Thing would be cautious.

- Mark Millar, who was not in attendance but did call in over the phone, said that Ultimates 2 would be complete by the end of this year. He added that he gives his personal guarantee that he will be at SDCC next year and that if it’s not finished by then people can punch him in the stomach. - Mark Millar also said, “Please continue buying Civil War, at the expense of all the low-selling books, especially Brain K. Vaughan’s books.”

I love Mark Millar. Seriously, he’s one of my favorite media personalities of all time. I love his interaction with his audience and his writing is some of the most original work being done to date. I really believe he’ll let people punch him in the stomach if Ultimates 2 isn’t finished on time.

- When asked about Hawkeye EIC Joe Quesada answered, “He’s either dead…or in my pants.”

That’s going to be my stock answer for everything for a while now.

- The biggest bit of news to me was the announcement of a second Avengers title. Brian Michael Bendis will be writing the Mighty Avengers, in addition to continuing his work on New Avengers. This particular quote from Bendis sums it up nicely, “Mighty Avengers will have big world threatening situations to deal with at all times. New heroes interacting with each other in a situation some of them have never been in before. To do this I have chosen some techniques that are not what I am most known for. But fun is the word of the day. Though we're very serious about our craft, the agenda is to make a spectacle of superhero extravaganza that you can only get from a top-flight Avengers title!” - Art chores to be handled by Frank Cho until 2008 when his exclusive with Marvel expires.
YEEEEE-HAAAAWW! Bendis on another Avengers title? I think I might be buying this in single issues. Let’s use the comments below to speculate on team members.

More after the weekend. Everyone be safe. I’ll be at a party, it’s my woman’s birthday.
Happy Birthday Alison. Love Comic Fodder.