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Teenagers, Zombies and now.....Pirates!

Over on THE BEAT Heidi has a first-look at the cover for PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND, a book due from Image next fall written by Rick (TEENAGERS FROM MARS) Spears, and drawn by newcomer Vasilos Lolos. Heidi sums it up best with a direct qoute from previews.


Rick Spears, writer of the indie hit Teenagers From Mars, and hot international artist Vasilis Lolos rock this riotous, teenage romp through young love, car jacking and gang violence.

In this first issue Patch arrives in Coney Island only to get his eye sliced out by Trish, the wicked bad leader of the girl gang The Cherries. Across town, Sal, A pizza-selling bookie, meets a nasty end delivered by a monstrous shadow with a shotgun. All the fun begins here in the first super-rad issue of THE PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND!

If you haven't read Teenagers From Mars, you should stop what you're doing and go get the trade now. I read this book in single issues for the first three parts and then I couldn't find the rest anywhere. I FINALLY got the trade at my local comic shop this past Christmas and have yet to regret owning this hysterically quirky look at suburban life, making comics and, of course, zombies.

I can only image that Pirates of Coney Island will bring more of the same levels of enjoyment and humor Spears injected into his last project.
What's not to like? You can be sure I'll buy, read and review this book as soon as it's available.

this sounds great, can't wait to check it out~!

-- Posted by: Pirate of Marco Island at July 7, 2006 2:20 PM