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The Punisher Is Going To Kill Dr. Doom!

Matt Fraction writes the new Punisher War Journal ongoing series from Marvel Comics, read the story at Comic Book Resources....NOW!

Frank Castle aka The Punisher was an ex-marine living in New York City with his wife and two kids who suffered the unfortunate fate of watching his entire family being gunned down in Central Park. Shortly after that happened, Castle went on a one-man killing spree against criminals of all types. He had a brief run in the '90's when everyone was either trying to kill him or pretending to be him and then he sort of vanished for a few years. He resurfaced about four years ago and has been focusing mostly on underworld criminals; the scum of the scum; pimps, slave-traders, mafia (Russian, Italian or otherwise) and generally every type of bastard in between.

If you didn't read CBR's excellent interview with War Journal writer, Matt Fraction, allow me to recap: The Punisher is back and he's hunting super villains. Due to circumstances to be revealed in an upcoming issue of Civil War the Punisher is through fighting low-level mafia guys, instead he's declared war on the super-powered villains of the Marvel Universe. The Punisher will be using any means necessary to take-out some of the most powerful bad guys around. Not too many details have been released on, exactly, which villains Castle will be going after although the Rhino (one of Spiderman's classic rouges) is mentioned several times in the article by Fraction.

While I'm not familiar with any of Fraction's other work I am one hundred percent confident that he is going to deliver, big-time on this series. A long time friend and respected colleague of Warren Ellis (a prolific and talented writer himself), Fraction has the potential to make a name for himself in the world of Marvel Comics. Like he states in the interview, if this comic is about the Punisher killing villains that have rarely been seen and have no impact on the greater Marvel Universe than things will get old and boring fast. It sounds like Matt Fraction is working hard to keep that from happening.

And should Matt Fraction fail to deliver there is still another aspect of Punisher War Journal that will be an absolute success, artist Ariel Olivetti. His dark and moody pencils will set the perfect tone for this book. If his stellar works on the ‘JLA’ books or even the recent Space Ghost mini-series are any indication of his talent, Olivetti will be a major force in this industry and I can't think of a better book to break the walls down with.

The Punisher has always been one of my favorite characters. One of the first few comics I ever read and subsequently collected, Frank Castle's story and motivation have always struck a cord with me. Maybe on some level I can identify with losing everything that meant anything to you. Maybe I can justify, in my own mind, The Punisher's extreme methods and (sometimes) questioned sanity. Maybe it's just that I like to see gunfights, explosions and intense acts of violence. For whatever reason I'm a Punisher fan, always have been and always will be.

You know you're stil holding out for a new Punisher 2099 series.

-- Posted by: Jake Gallows at July 6, 2006 9:45 AM