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Ninja Turtles Are Back! - Watch the TMNT Teaser

This made my insides get warm and fuzzy.

I'm so f'ing there.

Go see the TMNT teaser trailer on Apple's website click HERE. (requires Quicktime)

It's about time they put a new TMNT movie together. It seems from the preview and what I've read that this movie will be much closer to the source material than the previous incarnations. Kinda bummed that the Shredder isn't going to show up in the movie but I have faith whatever new villian they cooked up will be equally kickass. Maybe it's time for a change anyway. How many Shredder stories can you see?

I'm also intrested to see the rating this flick gets. I'm thinking PG but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a PG-13. There's a lot of room for pushing the rating limits in the PG-13 rating. You can show some partial nudity and say the "f" word at least once in PG-13.

I'll follow this pretty closely and let you know if there is any more TMNT news to report.