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What role will Punisher play in "Civil War?"

PunisherSorry for the last post. Crazy weekend and then the baby got sick at 4am this morning....anyway....sorry.

"Punisher is the fly in the ointment," said Quesada. The upcoming "Punisher War Journal" series will appeal to fans who want to see Punisher interact with the Marvel Universe, as opposed to the mature readers approach in the "Punisher" series. "There's no reason for Frank to take a side," said Quesada, adding that something will happen to force him to choose a side.

"Something will happen to force him to choose a side."

That might be the most interesting bit of information to come out of SDCC. What could possiblly happen to Frank Castle that would "FORCE" him to choose sides in a conflict that doesn't really have any vested interest in? Look at it this way, Frank Castle, the Punisher, has been operating outside of the super-hero classification since his first bullet-spraying shooting spree. Rule number one in the How to Be a Super-Hero guidebook is: *HEROES DON'T KILL! In contrast, killing is all the Punisher ever does. It's the solution to all of his problems, kill and kill some more.

You have to understand, the Punisher has nothing to loose. With his entire family dead and his long time sidekick, Microchip, going insane (and then having to be killed by the Punisher) there isn't anyone in the world Frank has left to care about.

On the flip side, despite all the killing he's done, the Punisher still has some echoes of (what used to be) feelings inside him. We've seen this most recently in the pages of Ed Brubaker's Daredevil run where Frank executes a murderous pimp in front of some cops and then surrenders, all to get to Blackgate prison where he intends to help the currently incarcerated Matt Murdock. Frank Castle wants to help; the motives haven't been made clear yet but the fact remains Frank Castle is there to help. He cares about SOMETHING, whether it be Murdock or something else, the end remains the same: Castle cares.

The question now becomes: If Castle cares, what (or who) does he care about enough to want to pick a side in the Civil War? To answer this question we have to first look at the two sides; Pro-Registration, a move to register every single super powered individual with the US government in hopes to make super-hero-ing as government controlled as being in the military and Anti-Registration, the heroes who refuse to register with the government.

If Castle does the predictable thing and sides against the Registration it could be the result of another heroes death or possibly after an attempt is made on his own life. Even this option seems unlikely, it's not like the government could approve his methods to begin with, if he did register how could the government allow him to be a one-man-army? Even a licensed vigilante is still a vigilante.

However, the idea of Castle siding with the Pro-Registration movement is much more interesting and thus making it even harder to predict a motive for his ultimate choice. Does the government approach him with just the type of deal I mentioned above? Do they actually license him to go out and kill as many rouge heroes as possible? But the potentially more shocking question is why does he do it? What does the government say or do to derail the Punisher from his life long quest to punisher the guilty before they can hurt any more innocents? A vow he made over the bodies of his slain family would be broken and a new quest for Frank Castle would have to begin; a quest to hunt down rouge heroes for the government and the question lingers...Why?

The answer to this question will be in the pages of Mark Millar's mini series, as has been promised by several of the editorial staff but I kind of hope Matt Fraction's upcoming Punisher: War Journal series goes into a little more detail as to the motivations behind Franks eventual stance on the Marvel Civil War issue.

*Unless you're Wonder Woman...then feel free to snap a neck or two to prove your point.

Honestly, I can't see Castle joining the Pro-Reg side. I see him (and the solicit cover images seem to imply) him joing the Anti-Reg side.

I suppose we gotta wait and see, though I like some of your points.

-- Posted by: Arsh at August 20, 2006 1:50 AM