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Bagley Leaves "Ultimate Spiderman"

2006_ultimatespiderman.jpgOver on the CBR run blog, "Comics Should Be Good" is a story containing some of the saddest news I've ever heard.

It appears Mark Bagley, who has been the artist for Brian Michael Bendis' "Ultimate Spiderman" since its creation, will be leaving the title after issue #110. The story was broken by an unusual source according to the CBR blog, Comic Shop News, the weekly news publication sent out to comic shops nationwide. It appears Bagley and Cliff Baggers (one of the CSN editors) are old friends and Bagley gave Baggers the exclusive.

“I’ve had an incredible time with Ultimate Spider-Man,” Bagley told CSN, “but I don’t want to stagnate. Right now, Brian and I are doing some of the best work we’ve ever done on the comic, and I think it’s best for me to leave while we’re on the top of our game.”

"Ultimate Spiderman" #100 is due any week now and a few months later issue #103 will see Bendis and Bagley break the record previously set by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on "Fantastic Four” for having produced the most consecutive issues as a team (Lee and Kirby had 102 issues). Bagley has been on time every issue (and sometimes produced 18 issues in a year) and his ability to convey characters facial expressions and body language has brought the series some of it's most memorable dramatic moment.

While Bendis has no intentions of leaving the title a new artist has yet to be named by the publisher, Marvel Comics.

I wish Marvel the best of luck in finding an artist to replace Bagley. I also wish Bendis luck in recreating the chemistry and magic he and Bagley have had on the title since the first issue hit stands.