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Here's the news that's scattered around the net for this week....

-- Creator Joss Whedon left a note on his message board that the studio has the script. "The Brothers Warner HAVE read Wondy Gal," Whedon wrote, "and are arranging a meeting to tell me that it is a perfect crystalline gem and I must not change a word, nay, not a syllable. I'm certain that's how it will go." If you can't read his dripping sarcasm you should know that it's there. Whedon has been struggling with this script for the better part of a year now. I hope it's worth the wait.

-- "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" (which, since he's coming down from space should've been called the Decent of the Silver Surfer) is moving along at a brisk pace. The script centers on the coming of Galactus, the arrival of his herald the Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom's inevitable return.

-- "Transformers", being directed by Michael Bay, has been catching a lot of heat from the Internet community for the redesigns of the robots in the film. The most recent uproar is over the look of Megatron in the new film. This site,, has a good look at all the incarnations of Megatron over the years ending with the newest look Bay has given him. There are a lot of complaints but I think it looks pretty kick ass. Although I do wish he had a giant gun on his arm, I'm glad he doesn't actually turn into a gun...that's just lame.

-- Rumor is that Sean Penn was the original choice to play the Joker in the upcoming sequel to "Batman Begins" but passed on the part, which I think is a damn shame. Still curious to see what Heath Ledger does with the role.

Ok. It's Friday and the end to a week that would never end for me. I'm going to drink myself to sleep tonight.

Joss rules. Even his posts to fans are brilliant.

-- Posted by: mac at August 25, 2006 2:30 PM