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Decompression Misconception

Written By: Dave Kushner and Shawn DePasquale

What is the bane of the Old School Fan Boy's existence?
Is it Spider-man holding a press conference to reveal his identity to the world?
Is it Superboy Prime turning evil and killing Earth 2's Golden Age Superman?
Is it Joe Quesada slow dancing with Greg Land over a "Fantastic Four" movie poster?

No. The bane of the OSFB’s (Old School Fan Boy) existence is something that is actually one the most misunderstood concepts in comics: decompression. "Decompressed" has become akin to "Liberal" in the early 00's as a negative buzz word, and just like "Liberal" it is misunderstood and misused("Liberal" doesn't mean some bleeding heart, sissy hippy. It means someone is "liberal" about giving Government power- the opposite of someone being "conservative" with Government power, but I digress). It is this misconception that has lead to the widespread disdain the term “decompression” now solicits.

Let's take a look at the roots of the Decompression movement...shall we?

Decompression spun out of, and rebelled against, the "widescreen" movement in early 2000. Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch best exemplified the widescreen movement in their “The Authority” issues. Entire issues would pass featuring sweeping vistas of action, horizontal long panels would feature entire armadas of ships dog fighting in the skies of London. The affect was a new weapon in the arsenal of the storyteller: a scale that suited the grandness of the super hero genre. However, after the initial buzz wore off, many fans were feeling ripped off. That the story was taking too many issues to be told, and that each issue could be read too quickly.

Back on April 20th, 2001 Augie De Blieck, Jr (in his column "Pipeline") pondered what new phase would come along to counteract the widescreen movement. De Blieck posted that a quieter, more dialogue-driven style would come into fashion to counteract people's complaints about widescreen comics:

"Let's have simple 22 page pamphlets that take longer to read because there's more banter in them, more plot, and more invention. Let's rely on the artists to be great actors more than special effects mavens or expert monster designers. It's starting already. You can see it most prominently with Brian Bendis, who has made his career with stories overflowing with dialogue. His stories are the most cinematically influenced, with borrowed techniques showing up even in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. But the draw to his writing is in the dialogue, and I think that's starting to catch on in bits and pieces in comics today.

“Dialogue takes longer to read than a ‘decompressed’ story where a fight scene or a car chase can extend over ten or twenty or a hundred pages."

De Blieck was half right. Bendis took his dialogue-laden style and, with “Ultimate Spider-man” (much like Ellis/Hitch's Authority did for widescreen), utilized a new style of story telling: Decompression (it is here that I stress that decompression wasn't invented by Bendis, you can easily see decompression's finger prints as far back as “Watchmen”, among other stories).

Originally, the term Decompression spun out of the widescreen movement. In fact, it was Warren Ellis who coined the term in description of his “Authority” arcs. As is the case with many comics today, those “Authority” arcs took their time to tell a story.

In an interview for a story (a story about this same topic) on the comic book website Broken Frontier Warren Ellis had this to say about decompression:

"Well, on THE AUTHORITY, it was a way of storytelling that Bryan [Hitch] and I imposed on the editor. You get effects from it that you don't get from other narrative methods. Some stories you use it for, some stories you don't. It's just a tool."

Scenes that once would be condensed to three panels on one page were now taking up an entire issue, or two. This is what lead cynics to believe that stories were now being padded specifically for trade paper back collections. As I said before, De Blieck was only half right because, while Bendis's work could be seen as an antidote to the fast reading widescreen style, it also inherited it's leisurely pace of storytelling from another popular serialized format of storytelling, television.

As the Bendis penned USM roared to the top of the sales charts many people started taking that style of storytelling and adopting it to their own work. Today, it is customary to see stories take five, six or even more issues to be told. This isn’t to say that today’s writers are padding their stories, more likely, they are taking advantage of the serialized format that comics provide to tell their story as best they can.

Just like any fad in comics, there are times when the technique works, and there are times when it does not. Either of these outcomes can depend upon how the writer chooses to apply “decompression”. If there is a crucial character moment between two or more characters, something significant enough to warrant a two or three page scene, there is no reason why a writer should not be able to slow things down and let the characters have their say. This practice not only makes for a more realistic feeling to the world the writer is creating but also truly exploits the benefits of serialized storytelling.

However, Bendis Board poster, Thomas “Mr. Mets” Mets (Love that name!) observed:

"When a single issue leaves you feeling unsatisfied/ ripped off, decompression is being used in the wrong way."

I agree with this opinion. I think most people would agree that decompression is used most successfully in “Ultimate Spider-Man”. In contrast, “Allstar Batman and Robin” is a series that has been singled out as abusing the decompression tool the most. This is a book that took four issues to detail a conversation between the title characters as they drove in the Batmobile from Gotham to the Batcave. There are no important character moments or revelations in this scene, nothing that reveals something new about either characters personality that wasn’t made clear within the first two pages of this multi-issue extended scene. That said, I think accusing Frank Miller (writer: “Allstar Batman and Robin”) of decompressing this scene specifically to pad the story for a later trade paperback collection is a mistake. I don’t think any writer (not a writer worth a damn anyway) would unnecessarily add scenes to a story. Once a writer has a plot and outline locked down it’s usually a struggle to cut things out in order to keep the story focused and always-moving forward. Very rarely will a writer go back a look for scenes to expand when there is no story-motivated purpose because it often leads to meandering scenes that lead nowhere, a mistake many writers work hard to avoid.

However when I'm on a message board and I read:

"The Clone Saga (not the current Ultimate version, the original 616 "epic") was a story infamous for decompression"

This makes me think people ain't gettin' it.

For all its problems and it had many ("Peter Parker" was blonde, wore a ripped up hoodie over his costume, had Pez holders strapped around his ankles and, wait for it, turned out to be a clone) the Clone Saga never misused decompression. Truth told, there aren’t too many examples of decompression being used, at all, throughout the entire fiasco that was the “Clone Saga”. It has become a misconception that all stories that run too long (which the "Clone Saga" undoubtedly did) are “decompressed”, that is not the case. The more likely explanation for the long length of the “Clone Saga” arc is the convoluted story that served as its basis.

Let's look at the Hulk. When Peter David runs a story line through several issues (such as the story where all the Hulk personalities merged) it is not decompression. Every issue is packed with characters, subplots, and a fight of some sort. Just because the story line went through many issues doesn't mean it was decompressed; it simply means it was a story that took a lot of time to tell and tell right.

Currently, the Emerald Giant is away in space fighting aliens and monsters in the Greg Pak penned arc, “Planet Hulk”. This is a story that, from inception, would take twelve issues to tell. I’ve read every issue of this arc so far and have yet to come across any real, so-called decompression. This is just a big-ass story with lots of characters, fights and drama that NEEDS and deserves to take up twelve, 22 page issues.

By contrast, Daniel Way’s “Hulk” story arc that was the lead-in to “Planet Hulk” exemplified the abuse of the decompression technique that many fans are crying about in message boards across the Internet. Here was a story that could have been told in one issue, a simple set-up to a much larger story, instead Way used FOUR issues to get the Hulk to the beginning of Pak’s story. Truth told, Pak could have told this entire “Prelude to Planet Hulk” arc in the first two pages of his first issue.

Lately, any story that is heavy in dialogue is labeled as "decompressed". This is not true. If one issue is dialogue heavy, it is dialogue heavy. If two issues are dialogue heavy…so be it. However, if that same conversation is stretched out among many issues, and features many panels of establishing shots, detailing and “establishing” the same location thus lengthening the story, then it is decompressed.

Jacob Lyon Goddard, another Bendis Boarder, said:

"A lot of people equate decompression with long stretches between people punching each other.”

And he's right but this statement is just plain wrong. Just because a story is 14 parts doesn't mean it's decompressed. The difference is in the intent of the author and the scope of the story being told. Either way, no one writing tool should be used too much. Decompression is only a tool to better a writer’s ability to tell a complete story; Using any writers tool in excess will ruin it’s effectiveness and diminish the novelty of the technique.

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