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Drunken' DaveReviews: Fantastic Four, Ult. Spiderman and more...

Hey everyone, I've been extremely busy with my day job recently, so I only have time to do one review.. I'll tell you which books I did get this month however, for those who are keeping score at home:

"Ultimate Spider-man" #98 (good)

"Detective Comics" # 823 (good, but I might switch to trades on this [ Dave, you might want to rethink your reading strategies when it comes to DC Comics, a company infamous for some shady business when it comes to releasing their trades- Shawn])

" Moon Knight" #4 (I'll buy any comic that features people who have had their faces ripped off talking)

"Uncanny X-Men" #477 (umm..does this comic come out every week?)

"52" week 13 (this one too? jeez I feel like it's at the comic store every Wednesday!)

and....My Anti Comic of the Week!:

Fantastic Four #539 (Marvel, by JMS and {shawn look up the artist for me} [it’s Mike McKone.- Shawn]):

JMS's writing isn't an automatic sell for me these days. His first year or so on Amazing were superb. It then lost some steam to me, about the 5th time I was reading a Spider-man vs. a mystic foe story in a row. I got no problem with Spidey facing mystical enemies, it just got really repetitive. Anyway, I haven't been reading the 616 FF since Waid's run with them taking over Latveria. Which I liked. Since I'm diggin’ me some Civil War, plus Ben Grimm is one of myfavorite comics characters (and he's featuring front and center in this story) I thought I'd check it out. I was pretty disappointed.

First of all, the story was very predictable. Second of all, ok I can deal with a lot of characters acting sort of out of character in CW, but you're telling me Captain America is going to stand around giving the Thing a sales pitch for the Resistance right after a civilian is killed? That characterization isn't even consistent with how he's being portrayed in the CW series. Cap doesn't care about this Civil War as much as he cares about helping people and stopping criminals. That's why he's still fighting the good fight in it. So his not caring, at all, about an innocent bystander being killed here just blows the whole issue for me. I like that there's a hero choosing not to take a side, I just don't feel his motivation really works.

Sorry about the cop out gang, I hope everyone enjoyed my Manga vs.Superheroes column from earlier this week, I put a lot into it, and the email responses to it have made me feel great. Now back to work... which doesn't make me feel great.