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Fan-Fiction Time: "Indiana Jones and the Book of the Dead" Part 2


Captain America and Indiana Jones make a plan to intercept an incoming procession of Nazi vehicles that Cap’s intelligence contacts have told him will include Dr. Bahlow, the scientist in charge of the “secret” facility our heroes are searching for. After a battle with Nazi soldiers that have been turned into zombies, Cap and Indy kidnap Dr. Bahlow in order to obtain the location of the camp.

Once they arrive at the secret camp Cap and Indy are confronted by more Nazi zombies being led into battle by the Red Skull, who kills Dr. Bahlow before escaping with the Necronomicon. Indy and Cap chase after the Skull who is using the spells in the Book of the Dead to make himself more powerful. He attacks Cap, knocking his shield away with a black of dark magic. Indy recovers Captain America’s mighty shield in just enough time to deflect one of the Skulls blasts back at him. The Red Skull is hurt by the blast and drops the book when he is knocked to the ground by the blast.

The Red Skull turns his attention to Indy now the two fist fighting their way around the room. Captain America recovers in time to see Indy knocked unconscious by the Red Skull. After checking on Indy to make sure he’s not in any type of critical danger, Cap uses Indy’s whip to snatch the Necronomicon from the Red Skull, which drains the Red Skull of his powers, who then flees the scene swearing revenge on Captain America.

Later, Indiana is ready to take the Necronomicon back to the States to hand it over to the Government but Cap wants to destroy it. After a brief verbal and almost physical confrontation, Captain America convinces Indiana Jones that the Necronomicon is too dangerous to NOT be destroyed. Our heroes burn the Book of the Dead before meeting up with US military men and heading back to America.


So there you go. Not the perfect story, not without it's flaws but it's a start. Short of me being about to write it my dream creative team would be Ed Brubaker and Travis Charest. So if you're reading this Marvel.....GET ON IT!