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Fan-Fiction TIme: "Indiana Jones and the Book of the Dead"

I’ve had an idea for a crossover comic that I think would be the mother of all crossovers. Something so simple in concept, a real “oh duh” kind of idea; a meeting and eventual team up between two very well known and loved characters that would please fans of both properties. I’m talking about a team up between Indiana Jones and Captain America.

Stop and think about this for a minute. These two characters were born to meet, they are destined to work together. Both of these characters hate Nazi’s, both characters were alive in the 40’s and both have been known to embody separate but similar male fantasies. Henry Walden Jones Junior, known to most as Indiana Jones is an adventurer, a thrill seeker who is fearless when he needs to be. Steven Rogers, known to most as Captain America, is a hero, a solider who is always fearless and will stop at nothing to defend his country.

Keep in mind this isn’t something I’ve written or researched. I know the basic story but my facts are probably way off so don’t be jerks with the corrections.

Oh….and this is my idea. Copyright me. Copyight to the characters are held by their respective owners, Lucasfilm and Marvel, but the story is my idea. No stealing!

Enjoy, Captain America in: "Indiana Jones and the Book of the Dead."


This would be one of the untold Indiana Jones stories taking place five years after his “Last Crusade” that saw him rescuing his father and discovering the Holy Grail. The year is 1943, two years before Captain America would be lost in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, Indie is contacted by the US government who was so pleased with the result of their last partnership with Indie (see: "Raiders of the Lost Ark") that they’ve contacted him again and offered him more money then he’s ever seen and some kind of high position with the Society for American Archaeology. Indie is to travel to the German-occupied side of Poland, where he’ll meet up with one of their special soldiers and try to find the secret concentration camp here Hitler’s men are allegedly doing horrific experiments on humans. Indie’s expertise comes into play in the process of locating this secret camp, the word is Hitler found the location for his secret camp by referencing places mentioned in the infamous Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead.

Of course, at first Dr. Jones is a hard sell on the idea of a fictional creation like the Necronomicon turning out to be real (and real dangerous) and even though the money they offer is a great sum, Indie is still burned from his last encounter with the Uncle Sam’s representatives. He wants to see the Ark of the Covenant, the Biblical chest that contains the remnants of the original Ten Commandments given to Moses by God in the Old Testament. Eventually, after playing some hardball, the US government adds access to study the Ark to the already sweet deal of money and power in his profession. Indiana Jones sets out to the city of Brzeg, in Poland.

Indiana Jones arrives on a US Navy ship and travels north by army truck to Brzeg, a city over run by the Reich. Most of the cities natives have been captured and sent off to various camps. Hitler’s Holocaust was all-inclusive; Poles were as good a target as Jews for the Nazi’s to terrorize but there are still a few who have stayed in their city and try to defend it. When Indie arrives in the city the American soldiers he’s traveling with try to help the five Polish men who are armed with rifles trying to take cover from a group of ten Nazi’s carrying machine guns. The two soldiers accompanying Indie are killed in the crossfire leaving Indiana Jones alone against ten Nazi soldiers. Luckily, for our hero there is another hero ready to leap into battle waiting for the right moment to break through the window of the second story home he’s hiding in, watching the confrontation happening on the street below.

Captain America’s shield breaks the glass and flies through the air, slamming into the hand of a Nazi soldier about to put a bullet through Indie’s famous fedora. A few seconds later, Captain America has jumped down and taken out the rest of the Nazi’s. When the smoke clears Cap stands over Indiana with his hand extended.

CAP: Dr. Jones?

INDY: Indiana.

CAP: Indiana Jones, I’m Captain America it’s a pleasure to meet you.