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Fun Format Friday....on THURSDAY!

Two days off of work for what I would consider one of the weaker storms in Florida history. Of course it was big enough to take my internet connection away for both days thus leaving the site updateless. I'll have a few columns to update with today and through the weekend to make up for this lackluster week.

Lets start now with a bunch of links in the ever-popular bullet format.

· Here’s a link to a Garth Ennis interview over on Newsarama concerning his new series with action director John Woo (Face/Off). LINK HERE

· Here is a link to an article on a new book called “The Science of Supervillians” which is all about the real world probability of supervillians exist.

· There is a new “Fantastic Four” cartoon coming out. Comic Continuum has a look at some kick-ass art from the show plus summaries for the first four episodes. LINK HERE

Feast on that for a while I’ll be back late today with more food for thought.

Oh and if anyone cares….everything is fine. No damage from the storm. I’m glad to have a few days off, spent them writing. I wish we would have more non-threatening storms and miss a couple more days of work. Spending time with the wife and kid was nice.