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Random News Bits From Around the Net

Today we'll take a look at various stories around the net. These are things that I don't feel I need to discuss in detail but you should keep abreast on and so I'll provide you links to all the info you need.

Get it? Got it? Good. Let's get started:

Marvel and DC comics have released with solicitations for November. These are usually spoiler free but if you follow a certain book closely you may be able to ascertain what's coming next from the descriptions in these previews. Plus you get to see all the kick-ass covers shipping with November's comics.

CLICK HERE FOR MARVEL (thanks Newsarama)

CLICK HERE FOR DC (thanks Newsarama...again)

Speaking of covers, check out this cool feature over on CBR's blog, Comics Should Be Good. It's called Judging Books By Covers and it showcases all the covers for upcoming books. The writer has a pretty good eyefor what works and what doesn't on these covers. I enjoy this and you should too. CLICK HERE

ITEM! Also on the Comics Should Be Good blog they have a pretty cool feature where they discuss the Top Five DC/Marvel crossovers of all time. I've never been a big fan of intercompany crossovers; I think they are a silly waste of time, PRIMARALY because the outcomes are usually decided by the flip of a coin between the two companies providing the characters for the crossovers. That said...this is a good little time waster and a look at all the different Marvel/DC crossovers from over he years.

ITEM! That's it. I just like typing "ITEM!" a lot.

I'll be back with more either tonight or tomorrow.