Comic Fodder "The Bendis Tapes"

Way back in February the comic book conversation site Wordballoon ran a three part Q & A series with comic writer Brian Michael Bendis. The questions were taken from a mountain of questions that had piled up on Bendis' message board. With Wordballoon host, John Suntres asking the fan's questions Bendis spent over three hours answering all the questions no matter how insignificant they were.

The fan reaction to this collaboration was overwhelmingly positive and a few months later, after allowing another couple hundred questions to pile up John and Brian sat down again to record the second, 3 and a half hour long Q & A session, now referred to as The Bendis Tapes.

This week the first part of "The Bendis Tapes: Back To School Edition" was released on the Wordballoon site, HERE.

If you've never read comics before and you know nothing about Brian Bendis yet you find yourself curious about the process of writing and wanting to get inside a comic book writers mind, these are the perfect podcast for you.

If you love comics and can't wait to hear what one of the hottest working writers has to say about upcoming stories, other creators and his creative process, these are the perfect podcasts for you.

Stop by today and check out the BENDIS TAPES. While you're there be sure to look at the archive of creator interviews John has available for you to download and listen to.

Post here and let me know what you listened to and why you liked or didn't like it.

I'm going to be waiting for the next part of the "Back to School Edition" to be released.