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Best Creator Message Boards and Websites

Here is a list of my favorite comic book creator message boards and websites. This list is in no particular order save for the first one on the list, which is my personal favorite.

1. Jinxworld - Brian Michael Bendis Forum: This is the best of the best in my opinion. This is a free-for-all kind of board where your chances to interact with some of the biggest names in comics are almost guaranteed. The only downside to this board is the sheer volume of posts means sometimes your will get lost in the mix.

2. Millarworld - Mark Millar Forum: Mark Millar, the trickster, hosts a more sophisticated board. Not as silly as the Bendis Board but certainly not stuff with a guy like Millar playing host.

3. The Cabal - Brian K. Vaughan Forum: Like the Bendis Boards' more mature and controlled brother. If you like BKV and you want to interact with him and other fans like you this is the ONLY place on the net you need to go.

4. Warren Ellis: He's weird and sometimes scary. He bitches a lot but always has something interesting to say. Warren Ellis is my idol. He should be yours too.

5. The Engine: Created by Warren Ellis as a place for pro and amateur creators to hang out and bullshit about the industry and pretty much anything else that Ellis considers entertaining.

Make these five sites a part of your daily browsing routine and you will be a better person in one month....or a degenerate. Either will be changed.

Honestly, the only forum I check every day besides Bendis is John Byrne's. His FAQ's are pretty interesting, but mostly it's like watching a train wreck. Morbidly fascinating.

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