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Big News From Marvel Comics; The Fate of the "Runaway's" and More

200609foolkill.jpg Yesterday at the Diamond Comics Retailer Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland, Marvel made plenty of surprising and unexpected announcements. Thanks to CBR we have those announcements plus the usual commentary:

- The new creative team, replacing Vaughn and Alphona is none-other than writer Joss Whedon and artist Michael Ryan. The schedule is as follows: January will see the release of issue #24, which will mark Vaughan and Alphona's final issue on the series. February will be a "skip" month, with March seeing the release of a "Saga" book and a hard cover collected edition. Whedon and Ryan begin their run on the title in April with issue #25, scheduled to ship monthly.

CBR talked with Whedon who had lots of good things to say, although revealed nothing about his plan for the book other than to say that the team would be leaving L.A. for New York City and beyond.

- Marvel begins a special Spiderman event called, "Back in Black" that will see Spidey return to his black costume. Marvel is being typically silent when it comes to the details of the costume change except that it will be a direct result of the events that happen in "Civil War".

-"Thor" will return in an ongoing series written by J. Michael Straczynski.

- Best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz oversees the return of a long-missing character in the pages of Foolkiller. Hurwitz, the author of best-selling novels The Kill Clause (currently being optioned by Paramount Pictures), Minutes to Burn, and Trouble Shooter, oversees the return of this oft-requested character.

- "Planet Hulk" becomes "World War Hulk" when writer Greg Pak is joined by John Romita Jr.

What do I think of all this?

I think Whedon on the Runaway's is the best thing I've heard in a long time. I think "Planet Hulk" is a brilliant way to reinvent the character and I'm very anxious to see Hulk return to Earth. I think JMS can write whatever he wants and the end result will be kick-ass. I think Spidey in the black suit is a cool visual but I'm wary of the reasons behind it. I think bringing FOOLKILLER back is a fucking stroke of brilliance and the person who is responsible for it should be crowned King of Cool Land.

Also...if there IS a "Cool Land" I'd like to be Prince...or at least Court Jester.