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Charlie Huston Article on CBR

200609_Moon Knight.jpg Charlie Huston writes novels. He writes dark, gritty crime novels with fucked up main characters that he plunges into tense, dangerous and sometimes, deeply disturbing situations. The themes he likes to explore are always rooted in the examination of good and evil, specifically the amount of good or evil inside of his characters. In his first novel, "Caught Stealing", Huston's main character starts out as a damaged, yet strangely likeable guy with a drinking problem and two really sore feet. By the end of this first book (part one of a trilogy) Huston forces his readers to re-examine the book's hero who turns out to be good at heart but capable of truly terrible things.

Charlie Huston writes comic books. His first job as a comic writer was bringing about the return of a much requested, although underrated, Marvel character called Moon Knight. Within the pages of his first issue of "Moon Knight" Huston brought his twisted world view to the Marvel Universe (with the help of the incredibly talented David Finch) by reintroducing the character of Marc Spector as a deeply disturbed and conflicted man who has spent most of the first arc talking to a statue.

Charlie Huston with three novels and two comics has quickly found a place in my list of top ten favorite writers. If you haven't read his novels and you are a fan of his comics, you are doing yourself a great disservice. If you haven't read ANYTHING by this gifted writer then you are missing some of the best, stylized crime-noir published in the last ten years. If you have, like me, already read all his novels and his comics and you are eagerly anticipating the release of his next "Moon Knight" issue or the final part of his Henry "Hank" Thompson trilogy (called "A Dangerous Man") then I suggest you bide your time by heading over to Comic Book Resources to read their in-depth interview with Huston.

This guy is one to watch if you want to bear witness to the rise of the next great literary superstar.