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Has Borders Said 'NO' to Monthlies?

From Newsarama:

On her blog, Johanna Draper Carlson passes along a rumor that Borders is considering dropping single-issue comics.

She quotes her source as saying the Borders Group is conducting a feasibility study to determine what impact removing monthly comics from its 1,200 stores would have on the company’s bottom line.

If I were to guess, I’d say not a lot. As blogger Dorian Wright points out in the comments section, the comics racks at Borders and Waldenbooks seem to attract more browsers than buyers. Of course, that’s anecdotal.

I don't work for Borders and I know nothing about their bottom line or any of their numbers but I am an avid buyer of comics and a good portion of those comics come from Borders. You see, in my town the closest comic store is a fifteen minute drive from my house that means that I have two choices when I buy comics: 1) I can take the drive to the comic shop or 2) I can drive two minutes to the Borders near my house and pick up the major releases for the month. This is convenient for me and for many other people in a similar situation.

Like i said, I don't know if it will hurt Borders numbers or if it will hurt the comics industry (although loosing circulation in 1,200 stores can't NOT hurt) but I do know it will inconvenience me and that makes it wrong. Also it seems that having monthly comics on the shelf at a big book store like Borders can only be a positive for the industry and the awareness that the general population has of our existence.

What do you think? Should Borders dump their monthlies? Would you know a difference? Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone out there work at Borders?

Communicate with me.

The Company has done this before and if they were to do it again they'd have to get rid of the Manga section as well (although, at this time, sales are through the roof).

Talk to the store manager, they have the power to discuss keeping the comics with their respective DM and RD. In most cases, merchandise is pulled on a store to store basis, catering to their customer base. Seriously, chat it up with the store manager, write some letters.

As a former employee, I've managed stores with comics and without, it depends on the market. Good luck ;)

-- Posted by: Cupie at September 4, 2006 1:15 PM

So your big complaint is not driving an extra 13 minutes to a real comic store that could use your extra cash unlike a Borders? Get off your lazy butt!

-- Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 5, 2006 8:41 AM